Texas Tech dedicated “Knowledge Structure,” a structure designed by Marco Cianfanelli, on Thursday outside the Innovation Hub and Research Park.

The structure symbolizes artistically what the Innovation Hub and Research Park represents and what students do inside the building, public art director for Tech Emily Wilkinson said.

“For this structure, Cianfanelli uses the brain to represent the knowledge and the thought that’s being used in the building,” Wilkinson said. “They also use the tree to show the different trunks as collaboration and research.”

Saba Nafees, graduate vice president of the Student Government Association, was in attendance at the dedication.

(The structure) has to do with your mind being the source for your creativity and your imagination,” she said.

To find the piece to represent the building, representatives in the public art program selected the best three submissions out of all of them, Wilkinson said. The structure reflects the purpose of the building.

Tech is one of the top ten campuses for public art in the nation, Chancellor Robert L. Duncan said, and the structure is another example of how strong the public art program is on campus.

“This piece is a great addition to our campus,” Duncan said. “It shows how impressive our public art program is.”

It is great to have exposure to art in everyday life, Wilkinson said, not just in a museum, but as students walk through campus.

“It kind of jolts you out of the ordinary and causes you to think about the piece,” she said.

Knowledge Structure has a beautiful architectural and creative story behind it, Nafees said, and it gives visibility to the Research Park and Innovation Hub.

“This is the place for innovation and creativity on campus,” Nafees said. “It’s where you come in and let your mind free and create, research and people finding innovative ways to solve the world’s problems. It’s the perfect thing for this part of campus.”

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