2019 TECHsan Memorial

The audience gathers at Memorial Circle in remembrance of those students who have passed away. During homecoming week, the TECHsan Memorial took place at 5:30 p.m. Thursday, Oct. 17, 2019, at Memorial Circle.


With a final ring of the Carillon Bells resonating in Memorial Circle on Thursday evening, members of the Texas Tech community honored the lives of recently deceased students, alumni, faculty and staff during the TECHsan Memorial. 


The event is an annual, long-standing tradition hosted during Homecoming Week, Troy Pike, administrator for Student Activities, said. Homecoming is a time to welcome everybody back and for those being honored, it will be the first they are not here. 


“So it’s important to tell all these families and show these families Texas Tech still remembers you, and we care about you, and we care about you because you’re a part of the Red Raider family,” Pike said. 


The event opened with remarks from President Lawrence Schovanec. 


“We are here to remember members of the Red Raider family: students, faculty, staff and alumni who are no longer with us,” Schovanec said. “Perhaps the greatest accolade that we can offer is that each of them made a difference in our understanding and the quality of our lives.” 


Following Schovanec’s remarks, the Matador Singers performed “For All the Saints.” 


Miranda Davis, Student Government Association external vice president then read the names of students being honored followed by Wesley Cochran, faculty senate president, reading the names of faculty being honored, and Jon Mark Bernal, staff senate president, reading the names of staff being honored. 


Curt Langford, Alumni Association president and CEO, acknowledged alumni being honored in a short speech. The Alumni Association pays tribute to the families of all the alumni that have passed in the last year, he said. 


“You know, we are standing on common ground, whether recent grads or long time alumni. Our fellow Texans walked these same sidewalks, spent time in these buildings, and shared many of the commonalities we all enjoy as Red Raiders,” Langford said. “We’re saddened at their passing, and we remember them and their families at this time. Our hearts and our prayers are with them and with you as they will forever be one of us.”


Following Langford’s speech, the Matador Singers performed “Abide With Me.”


Schovanec closed the event thanking all of those who attended, he said. 


“I hope that our presence here provides some comfort to the families and friends of those being honored,” he said. “Rejoice and be glad of having had the privilege of sharing part of their lives’ journey. They will be forever missed.” 


The Carillon Bells were then rung 23 times, representing the founding of Tech in 1923, to honor the memories of those who have passed. A performance of the “Matador Song” by the Matador Singers concluded the event. 


The event is way to show the families and friends of those being honored that Tech cares, Colin Owens, a sophomore finance major from Albuquerque, New Mexico said. Owens helped organize the event as outreach coordinator for the Student Activities Board. 


“It just shows all those involved with Texas Tech that we do remember, we do care about everything that has happened,” Owens said. “And it’s just a great way to help them in their time of grievance.” 








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