Texas Techspo

Texas Techspo is an event that showcases all of the free services for students that are included in their overall fees.

Uncommon and common resources are available for students at Techspo, most of which are unknown about. This event gives students the opportunity to explore these resources in order to help them become successful both on and off campus.

Megan Ohlmann, assistant director of the Transition and Engagement department, said many students do not know about the resources available to them but still pay for every semester. The department of Transition and Engagement hosted this event to give students that knowledge in order for them to take advantage of what is offered.

“There are so many resources to help students be successful in the classroom, out of the classroom, even just things to make life easier for Tech students,” she said. “All these little perks that students have no idea about.”

Techspo is a follow-up event to the resource fair at orientation provided for new students. Ohlmann said she understands that schedules get busy between the resource fair and school starting and decided Techspo would be a way to remind people of the resources offered.

The event is also extended to current students who have been present on campus for years but still do not know the services they have.

“We do a resource fair orientation but between orientation and when students come here there is a lot of time to forget all that information. So, it is kind of a refresher for our new students and then also for current students who have no idea all the stuff there are paying for,” she said.

Hunter Dittermore, a freshman nutrition major from Grand Prairie, said he was sent to Techspo as an assignment for his Raider Ready class but found it useful.

“I’m happy I’m here because I’ve learned a lot of resources that I can go to,” he said.

Sydney O’Guinn, a freshman nutrition major from Lubbock, agreed with Dittermore on the effectiveness of the event. She said as a student working one of the booths at the event, she was still unaware of how many services were available.

She said although she was at Techspo working, she was also learning a lot of new information.

“Some of these things I was a little surprised and then others I was like ‘Oh yeah, that’s a good resource that I need,’” she said.

The importance of this event was shown by the accessibility of it as Dittermore explained. He said its location made it available for everyone to get the information they needed.

“It’s a really easy way for students to come in here and just really accessible, and it’s in the (Student Union Building),” he said. “Anyone can come in and get the information they need for things they might’ve never heard of.”

Ohlmann said her goal in this event to is to give every student a resource to leave with that they may have otherwise never known about. These resources will be able to assist their success at Tech and further down the road.

“There are so many people here to help students be successful that if they just knew about one more extra thing then that could just be something else that helps them leave here, graduate and go on to the next step in their career,” she said.

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