Tech Talks Title IX

The Texas Tech Title IX office hosted Tech Talks Title IX, inviting students, faculty and staff to attend and ask questions about current Title IX policies and procedures on Monday, April 29, 2019, in the Student Union Building.

The Title IX office hosted "Tech Talks Title IX," in which students and faculty were able to ask questions about current Title IX policies and procedures on Monday at the Student Union Building.

The office will also host a second forum at 12:30 p.m. Tuesday in the SUB Ballroom to allow for more questions and discussion. 

Kimberly Simon, the Title IX administrator for the Office of the President and host of the event, said the relaxed environment was designed to allow for questions about Title IX to be brought up.

“It’s just an open forum Q&A for people to be able to talk about Title IX, ask questions that they have and clarify anything,” she said.

The event included several offices around campus that are knowledgeable in Title IX legislation and deal with the impacts the legislation has on students, she said. 

“So we have a couple people here today to answer questions,” she said. “We have people from Title IX, Office of Student Conduct, the Dean of Students office and the RISE office.”

This type of forum has been conducted before, Simon said. 

“There’s been some variation in the past, like last year we did one after showing a film, but really its, we had a brown bag series maybe two years ago,” she said.

The goal of the Q&A, Simon said, is to make the people who interact with Title IX on a daily basis available to all of Tech. 

“We just wanted to set up a time where we could make ourselves available for anybody that had questions,” she said.

JaWana Green, the manager and director for the Office of Student Conduct, said the Title IX office desired to create a space for visiting and clarification. 

“(Simon) invited different departments to be a part of the conversation and trying to have a welcoming environment to talk about challenging topics,” Green said.

For the Office of Student Conduct, Title IX legislation dictates where the office comes into a situation, Green said. 

“I come in on the back end after the Title IX investigation and so forth is done or if there are reasons for immediate action for safety concerns,” she said.

The impact of Title IX goes far beyond equality in sports, Green said.

“Title IX is very significant, very important of course you know it’s evolved over time or more specifically people have a better understanding of what Title IX is," she said. "It’s not just related to equity in sports as people have thought for many years."

Logan Winkelman, an associate director at the University Career Center who attended the Title IX event, said all Tech staff have an invested interest in the legislation discussed in the forum. 

“Part of our job at Tech, no matter what department we are, is to stay abreast to all different legislation and policies and procedures that may affect students and individuals on campus,” she said.

Staying up to date and learning about changes in Title IX are the main reasons Winkelman attended, she said. 

“So say for example someone wanted to report an assault or something, Title IX requires certain types or categories of individuals on campus to be reporters, or like if you’re in a counselor role that you’d maintain confidentiality,” she said. “But for the most part, most staff members fall under that 'we must report' type of category.”

Furthermore, Winkelman said she wanted to become more eloquent on policy language so she could explain the procedures to the students who come into her office. 

“That’s what this forum is for, to educate yourself and ask questions about things that you don’t understand,” she said.

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