Campus Movie Fest

At 6:30 p.m. on Wednesday Oct. 17 in the Red Raider Ballroom, Campus Movie Fest hosted a movie premiere, featuring student made films. Students watched 16 student made films and participated in Twitter challenges, a best dressed competition, and door prize drawings.

Campus Movie Fest is making its way to Tech. Along with Tech, CMF will be visiting 50 other campuses around the U.S., giving college students the equipment, training and opportunity to tell their stories through film. 

From Oct. 30 to Nov. 5, students will have the opportunity to create a five minute film, according to the CMF release. CMF will provide staff to assist students and provide a fully equipped laptop with creative software, a Panasonic HD camera and sound gear. 

Judges will rate submissions at the end of the week. A red carpet premiere on Nov. 6 will be recognize the top 16 movies from Tech, according to the release. The top four films will be given the Jury Award and move on to compete nationally in June at the CMF Terminus: Conference + Film Festival. 

The CMF Jury Award winners have the opportunity to apply for the CMF Cannes Program as well, according to the release. Additionally, Tech's most outstanding filmmakers will receive the Silver Tripod Awards in categories such as editing, directing, performance, etc. 

This opportunity to be a part of CMF is completely free to students, thanks to CMF partners. Student can sign up and get more information at

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