Texas Tech Homecoming Parade 2019

Fraternities and sororities have their guns up during the Texas Tech Homecoming Parade at 6 p.m. Friday, Oct. 18

Texas Tech's Homecoming week began to wind down with the annual homecoming parade that took place on Friday evening. The event, preluding the pep rally and bonfire, officially started at 6 p.m and was lead by the Goin’ Band from Raiderland.

Following in the parade were an estimated 30 groups, many of which partnered together to form around 20 floats, according to Bethany DeLuna, spirit and traditions coordinator and parade chair for the Student Activities Board.

Those in the organizations involved in the parade decorated their floats to reflect this year’s theme, Tech Gets Animated!

“We give all of the student (organizations,) like ‘hey we’re doing TV cartoons,’ and then they’ll pick which cartoon they want,” DeLuna said. “We have "Phineas and Ferb," we have "Barbie," we have "Scooby-Doo," we have a lot of interesting things.”

One organization decided to decorate their float to reflect TV cartoon "Rick and Morty".

Gabriel Warren, president of the Hispanic Student Organization, said they chose "Rick and Morty" in coordination with Alpha Phi Omega, a co-ed service fraternity.

“We were given a choice of either "Rick and Morty" or I think it was "SpongeBob," and we chose "Rick and Morty,” Warren said.

Once the cartoon was decided, Warren said both organizations worked in tandem and planned for around three weeks and completed the float in four days.

Reegan George, head of homecoming for Alpha Chi Omega, said she was up until 5 a.m. the night before to work on her sorority’s float in coordination with Sigma Nu.

“We start planning kind of in August and go from there,” George said. “We were lucky enough to get "Pink Panther," which was our top choice, we were super excited about that.”

The goal was to put the effort in to make this float stand out according to George, with both "Pink Panther" being highlighted as well as Texas Tech on the back. Each panel was pomped individually, said George, and took many hours to complete.

At the event itself, many students, alumni and other Lubbockites gathered all along the parade route which began at the First Baptist Church and made its way to 18th Street, with large vehicles ending their route at the C-16 parking lot next to the United Supermarkets Arena.

Tech alumnus Josh Frost brought his family to the event to experience the long-standing tradition of the homecoming parade.

“I was on the homecoming court in 2009, and so that was the first time I’d ever come,” Frost said. “We’ve been coming every year since except for about a two-year gap there.”

One of the major appeals of this year’s parade was the theme for Frost, who said he thought his kids might enjoy it more than previous themes.

“We haven’t brought them in past years, so this is their first year,” Frost said. “We thought animated, that’s something that they would really enjoy.”

Another aspect of the parade that kept Frost attending the homecoming parade is the amount of work and planning that was put into the event.

“Usually we like seeing just how much effort everybody’s put into the floats,” Frost said.

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