Glitter Gala

Rock, paper, scissors, is one of the many games the students played while in groups. Tech Gender and Sexuality Association hosted Raider Welcome event, Glitter Gala, from 6 p.m. to 9 p.m. on Wednesday, Aug. 28, 2019, in the Student Union Building.

The LGBTQ+ community met at the Glitter Gala, which was the first official meeting took place on Wednesday at 6 p.m. in the Student Union Building.

The treasurer of the Gender and Sexuality Association, Anita Cabrialez a sophomore early childhood education major from Borger, said she discovered the event from her freshman year with her friend.

“I found out about it last year, when I was a freshman because my friend was like, ‘Oh, This has the word glitter in it, that’s probably gay,’” she said.

She explained how the word ‘glitter’ fits in with the gala event.

“When people think of glitter they usually think of girly things or gay,” she said.

She enjoyed the association so much, Cabrialez said, that she is now working as the treasure, only after being a part of the Gender and Sexuality Association for a year.

“I had to help put this together, as well as other events that the GSA hosts,” she said. “It’s a safe place. We try to encourage that when you introduce yourself you she your pronouns so make it more normalized. Some people don’t recognize the importance of it.”

Her involvement increased as she continued to be apart of the Tech Gender and Sexuality Association, but she said she enjoyed being a part of this community. They meet weekly and that she likes to meet and welcome everyone who comes in. Cabrialez said that she appreciates this association and feels that it’s a safe place for the LGBTQ + community.

Samuel Clendenen, a freshman psychology major from Crain, said this was his first time to come to a gathering that supports the LGBTQ+ community.

“I come from a small town and it’s not common for them to recognize events like this,” he said. “But, I just thought it was cool.”

Clendenen said how he discovered the event through a post on social media and was excited to join.

Jude Ulibarri, a freshman English major from San Antonio, said he found it interesting that the Gender and Sexuality Association was intertwine with the Native American Association. The people he met there informed him about the Glitter Gala.

“I went to the Native American Association, like a welcome week brunch and I met the president and the secretary (of the Tech Gender and Sexuality Association) there,” Ulibarri said.

He feels that the Texas Tech community represents the LGBTQ+ community adequately, he said.

“It’s about as well represented as anywhere else, I guess,” he said. “I haven’t met anyone in a position of power and been like, ‘You’re gay.’ But that shouldn’t matter.”

Ulibarri said that a good outcome from campus events would be that he created friendships.

“A positive outcome is if I get somebody’s contact information so that I can get to talk to them whenever rather than just see them at events like this,” he said. “I want to see people more often and make actual friends.”

Campus events, he said, have helped him get in more contact with people and made new friendships.

Ollie Brookreson, a freshman music education major from Houston, said he enjoyed the event and he felt fellowship.

“It has been nice to meet others, I don’t feel as alone,” he said. “I want to come to as many events with the GSA as I can.”

Jillian Guillory, a senior communications and advertising major from Keller, said she initially heard about the Tech Gender and Sexuality Association from her freshman year and has continued her involvement throughout the years. She said that the growth in the community is a positive thing to witness and engage in.

“I don’t go to every event, but I go to different panels they host,” she said. “My favorite event is the Drag Show in the Spring.”

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