As the Summer II term begins July 7, there are some updates students who may be returning to campus should be aware of.

Alan Cushman, manager of business development for Texas Tech Hospitality Services, said the Chick Fil A in the Student Union Building and Sam's Place West in the Wiggins Complex will be open through ordering with the GrubHub app.

“You know everything that we're doing, we still want to maintain that we are promoting safety of not only the campus community and on all Red Raiders, but also our staff, so as we move into Summer II, we're still going to continue with all orders for Hospitality Services being placed through GrubHub for pickup,” he said.

All Hospitality Services faculty and staff will be following the university's guidelines and will wear face masks at all times for the safety of the employees and customers, Cushman said.

“As the situation continues to change, Hospitality Services, you know, along with the university, is making sure we're adaptable to be ready to not only provide students with a safe environment, but we also want to make sure that they receive the, the best experience with dining at Texas Tech. So, we're all working together to make sure that what we provide on-campus is going to be the best thing possible to promote safety,” he said.

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Brandon Richard, media relations coordinator for Transportation and Parking Services, said there are Summer II parking permits available which only cost $43.50 and gives one access to all the residence lots and the commuter lots through Aug. 8. There is also a summer Flint Avenue Parking Garage pass available that gives one access to the second and third floor of the garage for $60. Faculty and staff with valid R-Lot parking permits may continue parking in any R-Lot during Summer II.

There will be no other transportation methods available on-campus during Summer II, Richard said.

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Rob Stewart, senior vice provost, said most of the courses being taught face-to-face are in laboratories and in studios, with a few field courses. Students will be wearing face masks and there will be some social distancing protocols.

Departments identified which classes they felt needed to be face-to-face during the summer and submitted them to the provost’s office along with documents indicating how they would implement social distancing and hygiene protocol, Stewart said. Most classes will be taught in their normal locations.

Stewart said professors should utilize seating assignments in order to be able to trace contact if a student tests positive for COVID-19. This would also help them be able to determine who needs to isolate and other factors in that situation.

“Well some of the specifics on that are still being developed…the precise guidance for that is still under development with advice from the (Tech) System level as well as the university, but that's part of what we hope to see develop as classes begin,” he said.

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