Techspo Sring 2020

The Texas Tech Techspo took place on Feb. 20, 2020, in the Student Union Building Red Raider Ballroom. Tech organizations set up booths to provide information to students about free resources on campus.

The Texas Tech Transition and Engagement department hosted Techspo from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. Thursday in the Student Union Building Red Raider Ballroom.

The event introduces all the resources covered by student fees, which students heard about at orientation, but may have forgotten, Paloma Rappa, a graduate student assistant for Transition and Engagement, said.

“Our department also puts on Red Raider Orientation, and the program managers noticed a need to kind of help refresh all of these resources to students because students are mainly concerned about making friends, registering for housing and getting signed up for classes, and they come to orientation, that's kind of their main focus,” Rappa said. “This was a way to help kind of reinforce all those things.”

The event began three years ago, Jenny Sanchez, the program manager for Techspo, said.

“The inspiration came from our Red Raider Orientation resource fair, and just kind of knowing that the students don't really get this level of information, again after orientation,” Sanchez said. “We've got sophomores and juniors, who've gone through three to five semesters who have forgotten about these resources that are here for their success both in and outside of the classroom.”

One of the departments available to students is the University Career Center. Students can call to set up an appointment and get their resumes and cover letters looked at and practice in mock interviews, Monica Gomez, a lead counselor at the University Career Center, said.

The center also hosts a number of events for student including the JC Penny Suit Up event on March 8, Gomez said.

“This is where students can get deeply discounted clothing for their professional interviews or for their upcoming jobs that they have,” Gomez said. “It benefits students because it provides them with access for that professional clothing that they might not have access to otherwise, at a really deeply discounted price, and this prepares them for the professional world, to provide them with that professional clothing that they need for when they're moving into those interviews that they have.”

Transportation and Parking Services also provides amenities for students, Gomez said.

“The Motor Assistance Program is great because you know, winter comes around, your battery doesn't start your car won't start,” she said. “As long as you're on campus, you can get a free tire change, free battery free tow, and some other services regarding your vehicle.”

Over the past few years, student attendance at Techspo has increased, going from 600 to 800 during some semesters to reaching 1,600 to 1,800 students, Sanchez said.

“It's grown exponentially, just like with marketing and then with, you know, gaining more brand awareness as the event has gone on,” she said.

Techspo also helps students become more familiar with the departments so they can be comfortable using the programs their fees cover, Sanchez said.

“We started this event to be able to kind of refresh their memory and also just give an interactive expo and also allow the students to come and put a face with the department,” she said. “I think, sometimes, it's kind of intimidating to come right into an office and not know who you're talking to. But if you come here, and see Monica from the Career Center and say offering like she is and how much she wants to help you, and then you're more apt to go to these resources.”

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