Valentine's Day 2018

The Market at Stangel-Murdough displays Valentine's Day decorations on Wednesday, Feb. 14, 2018. Students & staff celebrate this day with flowers, presents and the company of their friends.

With the festivities that come of Valentine's Day, students are scrambling to get their homework finished in time to make plans with their friends and significant others. 

Some believe that Valentine's Day itself isn't important but the idea and meaning behind is. 

“I don’t think that it’s (Valentine’s Day) that important, I think you should be treating you significant other like that all the time,” Caleb Conaway, a business management major from New Mexico said. “I plan on taking a girl on a date, to an Italian place. Honestly I need to make reservations.” Conway said.

There are also students who dislike having to go out to celebrate.

“My girlfriend and I will be making lobster at home, because we dislike lines and public spaces full of people," Brett Jordan, a library associate, said. “Any place we went to would have a lot of waiting around, and we don’t like waiting around."

Jordan said he was very passionate about what he believed Valentine’s Day was about.

“Valentine's Day is a brazenly capitalist holiday that the greeting card companies, chocolate companies, and diamond companies make sure that you spend a lot of money,” Jordan said.

Even though he struggled with the importance of Valentine’s Day, he said he put in the effort because he cares about his significant other.

Students like David Hamel, a mechanical engineering major from Houston have plans for the day.

 “I am going to take a girl bowling,” Hamel said. “I am going to take her to Whitewood Lanes. I have never been into Valentine’s Day; I’ve never thought it to be that special.” 

Even singles have their opinion on why they thought Valentine's was important to one's significant other.

“People just appreciate the effort” Lauren McDonald, a library associate in the user experience department, said.  “If you’ve got a significant other effort is a good thumbs up."

For her, Valentine's Day is another day, she said

“I have zero plans, I plan on after work going straight home," McDonald said. "It’s just another day for us single people."

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