Texas Tech student is enjoying her time and laughing at the stuffing a Pokemon event that took place outside the student union from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. on Thursday, October 17th, 2019.


Pokémon, the internationally recognized series about dueling and catching pocket monsters to be the very best has come to Texas Tech with the Stuff-a-Pokémon event which took place at the Student Union Building West Plaza Gazebo. The activity took place between 11 a. m. and 1 p,m.,with a free pass to build your Pokémon to the first 300 students with their Tech student ID.  

Bethany Deluna, a junior history major and the spirit and traditions coordinator for the Student Activities Board from Wichita Falls, noted that the event was over in a flash, as more people than anticipated appeared for the event. Deluna said although the event was supposed to last three hours, it concluded within the first hour and a half.   

“We usually do stuff-a-critter about once a year,” Deluna said. “This is the first time we have done stuff-a-Pokémon though because it correlates ‘Tech Gets Animated’, our Homecoming theme for this year.”  

Deluna said there was a colossal amount of people who participated in the event, saying that there were some who were there even before the event had been set up for the day.   

Since the release of the new film "Detective Pikachu"recently hit theaters, Deluna said this as a possible source for the magnitude of excitement for this event. She also brings up the possible connection to the mobile game, ‘Pokémon Go’, as a contributor to the success of the activity.  

Depending on the schedule and the popularity of the event will dictate whether the ‘Stuff-a-Pokémon' event will be brought back moving forward, Deluna said.   

“Over the summer we had a 'make your own Crocs' event, and those went in 10 minutes,” she said. “We brought it back for ‘Night at the SUB’. If this was a truly popular event, then we will bring it back.”  

Deluna said if the event is brought back next year, the location may change not only due to the sheer amount of people but also because of the general traffic of the area.   

Mariana Pye, a senior engineering and math major from Abilene, was drawn to the activity from posters she saw around the Student Union Building, she saic.  

Pye noted that her attraction to the event was mainly because she was a Pokémon fan, with her favorite iteration of Pokémon being generation five.  

“They should probably have more,” Pye said. “I know there were people behind me, but I came pretty close to 11, and like, I barely got in.”  

Tyler Castellanos, a first-year master student in Trumpet Performance from Georgia, expressed his love for Pokémon by attending the event.   

Castellanos elaborates on his fondness of Pokémon by detailing that his favorite iteration of the series being generation two, and his favorite overall Pokémon coming down to either Luxray or Bulbasaur, he said.

Castellanos said Pokémon had long been a staple in his life, as it was one of the things he enjoyed as a child and continues to indulge in. He believes that overall, the event was well executed and not too long.  

“It was extremely fun to see all types of people from all over coming,” Deluna said. “You got to see a lot of people; athletes, people from all walks of life who you wouldn’t associate with Pokémon, it was nice seeing everyone come together.” 

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