Over the years, Texas Tech students have found and shared several legends about ghosts who allegedly haunt campus.

Raider Power of Paranormal, an organization that educates, explores and teaches safety measures for paranormal investigations, hosts ghost tours around Halloween that explore alleged haunted areas around campus. 

Hallie McCulloch, a second-year family and consumer science student from Eden and treasurer of Raider Power of Paranormal, said some residents who live in the Horn and Knapp residence halls have reported the spirit of a little boy allegedly haunts their residence hall. 

“The story goes that a long time ago, a resident of the dorm brought her little brother for a visit,” McCulloch said. “He brought a ball for entertainment and was playing with it all around the residence halls. During his playtime, he dropped the ball down a stairwell and when he went after it, he stumbled and fell to his death.”

Students said they can hear giggling and a ball bouncing in the residence hall, McCulloch said. The story is one of the most popular, he said.

Raider Power of Paranormal co-founder and Council of Elders member Amy Shaw, a fourth-year accounting student from Mesquite, said some students who studied in the fourth floor at the library have reported the presence of a ghost of a little boy in the stacks. 

“After seeing our first annual tour in 2020 and hearing about the ghost of a boy on the fourth floor of the library, some people reported back to us that they felt strange in those stacks and could no longer study there after dark,” Shaw said. “Some would call it basic fear, but they swear the boy’s presence is real.” 

Underneath the grounds of the Tech campus, there is a system of tunnels that president of Raider Power of Paranormal Tali Russell, a second year theatre student from San Antonio, said is haunted by a student from the 1950s. 

“One of my favorite legends centers around the tunnel system under campus,” Russell said. “Apparently, back in the 50s, a male student got himself trapped down there while he was trying to sneak into the women’s dorms. He never made it out, and they say that at night you can still hear him calling for help. I’ve heard that weird noises come from the tunnels, too, but no one’s allowed down there.” 

According to Raider Power of Paranormal, the places on campus that are frequently reported as haunted are the chemistry building, the Horn and Knapp residence halls and the library. 

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