Arbor Day

Students plant flowers around the Administration Building with their organization, Plant and Soil Science. Arbor Day was celebrated with live music, free food and planting alongside other Texas Tech students from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. on Friday, April 26, 2019 at Memorial Circle.

With the sound of music, laughter in the air and the sight of thousands of young annuls ready to be planted around campus, hundreds of students celebrated Arbor Day by working to beautify campus. 

The Arbor Day celebration is an annual event which Student Activities Board helps organize, Mackenna Noland, spirit and traditions coordinate for SAB, said. 

“Arbor day is to beatify Texas Tech’s campus and like celebrate the environment and just all that,” Noland said.

Students attending had the opportunity to listen to live music by Abe Parker, eat food, plant a succulent to take home and plant flowers throughout campus, she said. 

“(Planting) is all around campus, so it’s like all around Memorial Circle, there’s some in the science quad, there’s one over there at Will Rogers and at the seal,” Noland said. "So, it’s all around.”

The day is organized in partnership with Grounds Maintenance, Charles Leatherwood, managing director for Grounds Maintenance, said. 

“We get all the beds prepared, we purchase all the plants and then set up all the tents and everything else for this activity,” he said. 

Staff at Grounds Maintenance got up at roughly 6 a.m. to place the correct plants at the correct sites in preparation for the students, he said. 

“We place them where they go, so basically all the students got to do is just dig them up, stick them in the ground, and then when we get through, we’ll water them and call it good,” he said. 

The event is not only an opportunity to get students engaged, but also a way to get extra help to plant all the summer annuls right before graduation, he said. Students will plant roughly 30,000 flower beds at the event.

Without the event, it would take Grounds Maintenance about two weeks to plant, he said. 

“This way we’re going to have them all planted in about a hour and a half, two hours," he said.

Martin Jaramillo, senior architecture major from Brownfield, said he attended the event for the second time this year.

The music, the food and the atmosphere in general create a sense of the community on the university, he said.

“I think his event is really nice,” he said. “You get to know people, you get to be part of the whole campus.”

As an architecture student, having a nice environment is particularly important to him, he said, and the flowers on campus are part of that. 

Furthermore, planting helps give students a better view of nature, he said. 

“Nature is the beauty of the earth and how it is nowadays with the environment, people need to really see that this is really important, so I guess it gives us that sense of the importance of it.” he said.

In addition to taking home a plant, students will hopefully remember that plants and saving the environment are cool, Noland said. 

“I hope it promotes that we need to make the earth beautiful and save it as best as possible,” she said.

This tradition has always been a success, Leatherwood said. He encourages all students to come out and take the time to plant in the coming years. 

“When (students) come back in the fall, they’ll see what they look like after they’ve matured and say I planted that,” he said. 

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