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Buffalo Springs Lake is located at 9999 High Meadow Road and offers students a way to spend their wellness day outside. 

March 19 is a wellness day for Tech students, faculty and staff taking place in lieu of a normal spring break. There are many attractions in and around Lubbock where students can spend their time and take a break from school.

“Because we only have one day off everyone is looking for things to do,” Juliana Mayberry, a pre-nursing sophomore from Dallas, said. “It’s not really worth leaving town, so we’re going to spend the day exploring Lubbock.”

One activity in Lubbock for students to spend their day is to go to Joyland Amusement Park. Joyland is open for spring break March 17-19. Joyland is a family-owned amusement park offering over 30 rides and attractions from rollercoasters to an arcade area, according to its website.  

“Joyland is a lot of fun, I’ve been a few times with my friends," Mayberry said. "Even though it might be geared more toward families and younger kids, it’s still a neat place to go and feel like a kid again,” 

Joyland is located in the Mackenzie Park area in Lubbock, which is also home to a dog park and Prairie Dog Town.

Prairie Dog Town is a free attraction where visitors can watch native prairie dogs pop in and out of their burrows and take snacks, such as carrots and celery, from the guests. While prairie dogs are native to Lubbock, Prairie Dog Town provides the opportunity to watch the animals up close. Admission is free, and the park is open to visitors from sunrise to sunset every day of the week.

Dog parks around Lubbock are another fun way for students to spend their wellness day outside.

“I take my dog to the dog park all the time. It’s a great way to spend an afternoon especially when the weather is nice and you get to meet a lot of people as the dogs interact,” Sean Hudson, a senior engineering major from Katy, said.

There are also several lakes in the area where students can spend their day swimming, boating or camping. Buffalo Springs Lake in Lubbock offers a variety of activities, such as boating, jet skiing, ATV trails and beach areas, according to its website.

“If the weather is nice my friends and I are definitely going to the lake,” Hudson said. “We’re going to chill at the beach area and bring a bunch of food and spend the day out there. It’ll be kind of like a fake vacation, I guess.”

Lubbock is also home to many live music venues, weather and COVID-19 regulations permitting. The Range in Lubbock is a space to hang out with friends and hit golf balls while enjoying live music, drink specials and other outdoor games.

The Blue Light offers live music as well, with many local Lubbock bands playing regularly. Hannah Jackson is scheduled to play March 18-19 and Ox Martin will be performing March 19-20, according to the Blue Light website.

“I was just at The Blue Light the other weekend. It’s such a great place to go with friends, we go and listen to the music and dance, and it’s always a good time,” Michaela Morrison, a junior English major from Amarillo, said.

Even though this year does not have a traditional spring break, Tech students say they are looking forward to having a day off to enjoy with friends.

“It was a bummer for sure when Tech said we’d only get one day for spring break this year, but I also think everyone is grateful that we’re not where we were a year ago,” Morrison said. “We’re able to spend our day with friends and go out and do things, last March we were all locked down and unable to see each other.”

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