The day after spring break is typically a time for students to return to college. But due to COVID-19, students at Texas Tech are taking this time to move out and head home.

After the university encouraged students to move out of the residence halls because of the risk of COVID-19, some students scheduled times to collect their dorm-room belongings and head back home.

During spring break, the only students who had access to the residence halls were those who signed up to stay in the dorms for the break, according to the Tech University Student Housing website.

Before March 22, students already living on campus were able to move out at their own time, according to the website. Those who were not on campus before this date had to sign up for a check-out time at for any day from March 23 to May 15.

Hunter Harris, a freshman agricultural communications major from Abilene who lives in Murdough Residence Hall, said the university's heart is in the right place, as they are doing it to be preventative.

"I think they did good cancelling everything early to keep students out of here," he said. "You know, it is sad that our freshmen year's coming to a short end, but I appreciate what they're doing."

Harris drove from Abilene Monday morning to collect a lot of belongings he left during spring break, he said. Taking everything out of the room, cleaning the room and mentally preparing oneself for a change in routine all are tasks that need to be done.

"It's adjusting back to that schedule and going back to being back at home," he said.

Christopher Holyfield, a freshman animal science major from Longview, said having to move out mid-semester is not good. Because he has to move out, he said he plans to get a job alongside taking online classes.

In addition to the changes with living on campus, Holyfield said some students are going to struggle taking online classes at home and away from the university.

"Especially in chemistry, it's kind of hard for everything to be online without seeing real problems worked," he said.

Regardless, Holyfield said the residence hall changes and other cancellations are just obstacles one cannot do much about and must deal with.

Taylore Ashton, a freshman animal science major from Brady, said it is hard for students to have to move out mid-semester.

"It's definitely going to be a bigger change, especially for people who think online classes are more challenging," she said. "We enjoyed being in the dorms and at college." 

Having to move out takes away from the college student experience at Tech, Ashton said. She will miss being on the Tech Equestrian Team.

"We were worried that we wouldn't be able to get our stuff in time," she said. "We're just happy that we can."

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