Welcome Back From Spring Break

Texas Tech students are welcomed back to campus after Spring Break with flowers blooming and warm weather.

As spring break approaches, students evaluate what assignments they need to complete and prepare for the stress of being back at school.

Coming back from break can be overwhelming, Grant Feezor, a junior mechanical engineering major from Dallas, said. After being away from school, it can be challenging to return to a normal routine.

"Spring break is a nice break in between the semester because when you return, you have to start hunkering down for midterms and finals all and that fun stuff," Feezor said. "It is also just a time to prepare yourself for the upcoming months mentally."

It is essential to take care of schoolwork because it affects the type of person you are, Feezor said. Occasionally procrastination is inevitable, but trying to remain aware of everything is important. 

"No one else is going to make the grades for you. And no one else is going to do the studying for you," Feezor said. "Being proactive and staying on top of your studies is going to apply to your life as well."

Akari Kubo, a freshman construction engineering major from Grapevine, said spring break is an exciting time in the year. She is looking forward to taking a break from school and spending time with her family and friends.

"Coming back from spring break is different because I have to start wakening up early again," Kubo said. "I don't really know how I prepare; it just happens."

The week after spring break will always be surprising, but one slowly begins to get into the normal routine again after a while, Kubo said. It is important to glance ahead at what one needs to do.

"I usually just write everything down on a planner, so I have everything laid out," Kubo said. “I may do a little bit more homework during the break."

Doing homework during the break is a good idea, so one is less stressed when one returns, Kubo said.  But it is okay if one does not get to the homework because overall, spring break is about collecting oneself and enjoying time off as much as one can.

"Overall, I'm probably just going to enjoy the break and hang out with friends back home," Kubo said. "I will also enjoy some home-cooked meals with my family."

According to the Texas Tech Learning Center website, planning, making goals and utilizing free time are tips that can help manage one’s time. To manage stress, an individual should recognize their stresses, stop the stress, organize the stress, and respond to the stress.

The Learning Center's goal is to provide resources to students to help them obtain academic independence and success. There are peer tutors available daily to help students with a variety of subjects.

Katarina Kentera, a junior peer tutor majoring in chemical engineering from Sacramento, California, said the learning center gets a larger number of students the week after spring break.

"It is always super packed in here because everybody has tests right when we get back," Kentera said.

A suggestion to students would be to try to get as much work done as possible before spring break begins, Kentera said. It can sometimes be difficult to get work done over break. 

Hannah Brock, a senior peer tutor majoring in general business from Orange Grove, Texas, said time management is important for success.

"It is important to prioritize your time," Brock said. "If you know where you can invest time as a student, you can then invest time with hanging out with friends."

Brock said she prioritizes her time by planning everything on a calendar.

"Spring break is important because it prevents students from getting burnout," Brook said. "It is time to visit family and de-stress, but it is still important to plan."

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