YouTube is a popular way for people to post videos of their everyday lives and share them with the world. Some college students see it as an opportunity to share what college life is really like. 

Meredith de Keratry, a freshman public relations major from Round Rock, started her channel, titled “Very Merry Mere,” in July 2018 right before coming to Tech. She said she wanted to start it as a way to reflect on her freshman year of college and make fun videos, but it slowly turned into a college tips and tricks channel. 

“A lot of people who are going to be a freshman in college or transferring here started asking me questions on my channel,” she said. “People started asking me about what I did or questions about Tech, so it started turning into helping others.” 

Some of the topics she said she has done these “college tips and tricks” videos on include how to be gluten free in college, a tour of her dorm and a college packing list. She said she wants people to feel prepared when coming to college and hopes her videos help them out. 

De Keratry said she has always loved taking pictures and writing, so she started taking videos in the summer with her friends and the channel took off in college. Currently at 800 subscribers, her goal is to get to 1,000 subscribers before hitting her one-year mark on YouTube. 

Positivity is the main thing de Keratry hopes people get out of her channel. She said she hopes people end her videos with a good feeling and take away from her tips. 

“I am such a positive person and I am always trying to help people and be enthusiastic,” she said. “I just really hope people watching will end a video and think, ‘wow, this is awesome.’” 

Preslie Smithie, a freshman creative media industries major from Big Spring, said the focus of her channel “Preslie Luv” is college life at Tech. She likes to give people, especially incoming freshman, an inside look onto the campus and what the school has to offer. She does a lot of “week in my life” videos, as well as a lot of traveling vlogs, clothing hauls and other “girly” videos. 

Smithie said she had always wanted to be a YouTuber “influencer” years before she came to college, but never knew what her outlet would be to bring viewers in. Once she started getting ready to come to Tech, she saw it as an opportunity to vlog about her freshman year and college experience as a whole. 

“I was super nervous about going off to college, being away from home and all,” she said. “So, by documenting my first year and experiences that have good tips/values, I thought I could hopefully reach out to people who are just as nervous or curious about this next big step.” 

Smithie said she wants people to see that college is so much fun and that there is nothing to worry about. It’s a once in a lifetime experience, she said, and one that should be relaxing but invigorating. She also hopes people watching my videos might take away some happiness or positivity to brighten their day. 

“After I posted my orientation video in the summer before first semester, I was overwhelmed by the hundreds of positive comments and questions. I felt like I was really being a help. Even if it’s only to only one person, that means everything,” she said. “I really try to just be myself, with or without makeup, accidentally sleeping through class, or just being dumb, so hopefully others will too. Being yourself and not caring what others think is so important.” 

Tosin Tinubu, a freshman psychology major from Houston, said her YouTube channel “Tosin Tee” is an expression of who she is through public videos from makeup, vlogs, story times, advice and fashion. A YouTube channel is something that she’s always wanted to do, and she thought being in college would be good for her to focus on and put her time toward. 

“I think that if I was to do it any other period of my life I wouldn’t be as focused on it,” Tinubu said. 

Tinubu said she hopes when people watch her videos and view her channel that they are inspired and hopes they are going to be a better version of themselves. 

“I hope they take away from my channel to stay true to who you are, be a light in the world and to be okay with how others perceive you,” she said. “Be bright, be yourself and stay focused.”

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