The transition from high school to college is not an easy step to take. To help destress the adjustment, the Department of Transition and Engagement has student vloggers video their everyday college experiences. 

“The TTU Vlog Squad is a group of students who video their daily lives and post them on YouTube to show what life is like as a Tech student,” Megan Ohlmann, assistant director for Transition and Engagement, said.  

Before having student vloggers, Transition and Engagement posted YouTube videos from the department’s perspective about student life at Tech, Ohlmann said. However, the department decided this was not the best strategy to reach students.

“Incoming students don’t necessarily want to hear from me about what they need to do,” Ohlmann said. “We found that what students really wanted was to hear from other students about what their experience was.”

Maky Haynes, a junior honor sciences and humanities and communication studies major from Shallowater, said she has vlogged for Tech for a year and a half. 

As a member of President’s Select, the student organization responsible for giving campus tours, Haynes uses questions she receives from potential students to determine what types of videos her viewers are looking for, she said. 

“We make a lot of videos to reach high school students to pull them towards Tech,” Haynes said. “We also make videos for Texas Tech students to get them engaged with the community and excited about being a Red Raider.” 

It is important for the vloggers to capture what it looks like to be an excited and passionate Tech student in order to attract high school students, she said. 

Haynes vlogged her experience camping overnight outside the United Supermarkets Arena to watch a Tech basketball game, she said. The video shows viewers the excitement Tech’s student body has for basketball.

“Camping out for Kentucky is one of my favorite videos because it just really showcases what it’s like to be a Red Raider and how spirited everyone is,” Haynes said. 

Another priority for the TTU Vlog Squad is sharing what the first-year college experience is like for viewers, Ohlmann said. 

Molly Moczygemba, a freshman business and marketing major from San Antonio, said she started vlogging for the department before attending Tech. Her first vlog footage was of her high school graduation, which was used to show her transition from high school to college.  

Now that she is a Tech student, Moczygemba said she films herself going to class, eating at dining halls and attending football games.

“I think it’s very beneficial for the potential students just to see what campus is like and what it’s like to be a Red Raider,” Moczygemba said. 

Other vlogs posted show viewers fun activities available in Lubbock, Haynes said. The vloggers have filmed themselves trying different local restaurants and sharing cheap ways to spend time with friends. 

While the vlogs help Transition and Engagement to reach students, the videos also benefit the vloggers because they can revisit their memories, Haynes said. 

“I think it’s a really cool way to be able to look back at my memories,” Haynes said. “I like having all of my time at Tech documented.” 

The Vlog Squad is looking for ways to produce new and relevant content, Haynes said. One new segment they are starting aims to inform students about various student organizations on campus.

“We are going to start highlighting different student orgs in some of our vlogs and reaching out to different organizations to just show different ways that as a Tech student, you can get involved,” Haynes said. 

Vlogs are posted on the Transition and Engagement YouTube channel every Thursday at noon and can be found on the TTU Vlog Squad Playlist.

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