Care Packages

The Texas Tech Student Activities Board hosted an event to create care packages to be donated to The Salvation Army. The event was a part of service week.

The Student Activities Board hosted a care package event as part of Service Week where students volunteered to create packages for both individuals and families. These packages are to be donated to the Salvation Army.

Loni Crosby, administrator of Student Union Activities, said the care packages idea originated after contacting Salvation Army and seeing what the organization needed. The event is an opportunity to connect Tech students with outside agencies, she said.

“We were working with a bunch of different agencies and we came across Salvation Army, contacted them and said, ‘what do you guys need?’” she said. “They sent us an entire list of things that they need for families, for individuals who come in and we were like we are going to do that.”

Natalia Johnson, a freshman civil engineering major from Houston, said the care packages were filled with basic toiletry items. This included shampoo, razors, toothpaste and toothbrush.

Bessy Segovia, a sophomore on a pre-nursing track from Irving, detailed the differences between family packages and packages for individuals.

“You can do a family pack which is either you get three shampoos, one toothpaste, three toothbrushes, and one razor," she said. "Or you can do an individual one, which is one of each.” 

The act of giving back is the most important part of this event, Crosby said. Getting involved and becoming a part of a bigger community is an essential aspect of events during Service Week. 

Holding these events at Tech is equally important, Crosby said. Doing so exposes Tech students to a bigger community. 

“So, it’s Service Week, we wanted to do a bunch of service events that we could donate to agencies outside of Texas Tech but still keep Texas Tech students involved,” she said.

Segovia agreed, as she urged people to take time out of their day to contribute to another’s life, said. 

Johnson said she came to the event because of the mass of posters around campus, which caught her eye. 

“I chose to participate because I saw it everywhere and then there was posters saying volunteering week and all of that,” she said.

It was more than a volunteer opportunity to Johnson, she said. The importance of helping others and giving back to the community was prevalent to her, she said.

The event helped her with another factor of her current college status, she said. Johnson, being a freshman, was looking for ways to apply herself around campus and this proved to be a good chance to do so, she said. 

“I wanted to help out in the community," she said. "This is my first year, so I wanted to get really involved so I chose to come and then try to help out.” 

The ability to please someone besides one's self is the most beneficial part of events like Care Packages, Johnson said. 

“It shows you what your community can do," she said. "Before, I wasn’t really involved and then I finally became involved and then I really loved it. I really loved seeing the joy in other people’s faces after giving back to the community and participating as a team as one to benefit others.”

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