Hunter Heck

Texas Tech Student Government Association President Hunter Heck has a unique role this year in representing the interests of the student body.

Heck, a senior Spanish and philosophy major from Panhandle, said she decided to become involved with SGA because she loves being able to interact with students, learn about their needs and be able to create change on campus to address those needs.

“It’s really sweet to be able to represent those around you and care for them in such a unique capacity that doesn’t exist in other areas of campus,” Heck said.

Heck made the decision to run for president to make the school safer and more inclusive while making sure all students were appropriately represented, she said.

Klay Davis, a senior animal science major from Florence, Texas and, internal vice president of SGA, said Heck has an authentic approach to representing the student body.

“She truly does care about each and every person she comes into contact with and wants to hear their needs and concerns,” Davis said. “She’s a great listener and loves to address problems that the student body may have.”

During her time at Tech, Heck has had the opportunity to be involved in a variety of student organizations to help her prepare for being president.

Heck said she has been on the all-girl cheerleading team, involved with the Honors College and worked in the United States Senate in addition to other involvements.

“Being a cheerleader allowed me to understand what it meant to represent something greater than myself,” Heck said. “It pushed me to understand the weight of my role and what it means to represent the students and to know the title I bear isn’t me.”

Being involved in the Honors College allowed her to have conversations she had not had before which helped her widen her views on the world. These conversations led her to love the opportunity being president would give her to represent the people of Tech, she said.

Faisal Al-Hmoud, a junior economics and finance major from Lubbock and SGA external vice president, has worked closely with Heck while serving in SGA’s executive branch.

“Her forte is understanding people and what they’re thinking and understanding people come from different areas and backgrounds,” Al-Hmoud said.

One of Heck’s most unique responsibilities as president is representing the viewpoints of students in meetings pertaining to Tech, she said.

“It’s an honor to be able to bring the thoughts of the students and interests of the students to the table in conversations where I’m the only one doing that,” Heck said.

The term SGA is using for the year is “Forward Together,” Heck said, The primary goal for SGA right now is to create a sense of unity for students and provide assistance for navigating COVID-19.

Other goals for Heck and SGA include a restorative justice program in regard ,to racial justice on college campuses, allowing the use of dining dollars off-campus and a safe bar program that will establish training for employees to recognize signs of sexual assault, she said.

“The plans that I am most excited for are pertaining to the restorative justice curriculum, and I think that that really addresses a bigger conversation that’s being held nationwide,” Heck said. “A restorative justice curriculum has proven to increase a sense of community on campuses.”

Heck plans to graduate in May 2021, and she is currently in the process of applying to law school, she said. 

“If everything worked out the way I would love for it to, I’d be a federal judge, you know, 30 to 40 years from now,” she said.

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