Red Raider Talks

President Lawrence Schovanec gave the introduction for the Texas Women in Higher Education Red Raider Talks. The Texas Women in Higher Education regional conference took place from 8:30 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. on Monday, March 18, 2019, at the Student Union Building.

In addition to their work in passing campus legislation, the Texas Tech Student Government Association also is working to put together campus events for the campus community.

Emily Garcia, SGA internal vice president, said SGA is working with Tech University Outreach and Engagement and the Lubbock Chamber of Commerce to provide an opportunity for students to browse the different Lubbock internships available. 

The Internship Fair, which will take place from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. on March 4 in the Student Union Building Red Raider Ballroom, will host multiple local businesses who want recruit students for internships, especially summer internships, Garcia said.

During discussions leading up to the idea of the internship fair, Garcia said SGA realized colleges across campus prepare their students for careers in different ways.

"And something we kind of saw throughout the board was that there was not an internship fair similar to something like an all-majors job fair that we have," she said. "There was not the equivalent of that in the form of an internship fair."

The fair will consist of West Texas businesses interested in recruiting Tech students for summer internships, Garcia said. The fair will be open to all students of any major.

"By doing this, we kind of are hoping to create a stronger partnership, you know, with the city of Lubbock and the businesses, supporting local businesses and hope that this internship fair brings awareness to them about the opportunities they have right here in Lubbock," she said.

One does not have to go to bigger cities in Texas to get an internship, Garcia said. She is hoping this fair becomes an annual event that will grow as more local businesses want to participate. 

In addition to the fair, SGA will help host the RedRaider Talks event, which will consist of female leaders on campus promoting the need for women empowerment in different career fields through panels and speeches. The event will take place from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. on March 5 at the Frazier Alumni Pavilion.

A full schedule of events can be found on the RedRaider Talks Instagram at @redraidertalks. One also can search for information on Facebook and Twitter.

Miranda Davis, SGA external vice president, said she wants to invite all students, faculty and staff to come to the event.

"We really wanted to create this event to really ignite confidence and passion within every single Red Raider on Tech's campus," she said. "Yes, it is an event catered towards women, but we want to be able to include all genders on campus, and I think that there are so many topics that are going to be discussed, such as women in STEM, women in business."

Students can attend the event for free, Davis said. Admission is $15 for faculty and $10 for staff.

The first part of the event will mainly consist of different speakers, Davis said.

"We have [Carol Sumner, Tech chief diversity officer] speaking, [Aliza Wong, associate dean of the Tech Honors College] speaking, Dean [Margaret Williams] from the [Rawls College of Business] is speaking as well as many others," she said. "The keynote, her name is Melani Ismail, she is a philanthropist in the Dallas area as well as across Texas."

The main objective of the event is to highlight all the female leaders on campus, Davis said.

"Also, another objective is career development," she said. "So, at the end of the day from 3:30 p.m. to 4:30 p.m., we will be doing a career workshop panel with different individuals from campus, one being Kimberly Gramm from the Innovation Hub. They will be talking about how to network as a woman within your field."

There also will be a panel of male speakers who will discuss how to foster a safe work environment and how to empower the opposite gender, Davis said. Male students will benefit from the REDRaider Talks event as well.

Alexandra Todd, SGA director of communications, said they are laying the groundwork for this event to grow in future years.

"It has been a lot of work," she said. "But I think it will be a really great first event for Texas Tech students to have access to."

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