Due to COVID-19, operations at the Student Government Association have changed to accommodate the new climate students live in. Hunter Heck, will serve as the student-body president for the 2020-21 academic school year. 

For new students or for those who aren’t familiar with SGA, it is the student-body government on campus that is tasked to be the representatives to the students and academic colleges to the administration. Heck said, They also encourage students to participate within SGA through various programs, Heck said.

“In First Year Council, where students have the opportunity to be elected by their peers and be assigned to a mentor within the Student Senate so they can understand the legislative process”, said Heck.

Students have to be elected by their resident hall peers in late September to join this program, Heck said. This program is only available to first year students as well is the First Year Leadership Association.

“An application and interview process through which 14 students will be selected to actually work as interns for the executive officers,” said Heck when talking about the First Year Leadership Association.

Another SGA program that is available to non-first year students is the Ambassador Program, Heck said. Students in this program represent SGA in student organizations and are the face of SGA. Applications for the Ambassador Program are due on September 28, for more information visit:

Klay Davis, internal vice president, said the student senate consists of 78 students representing their respective colleges. They are tasked with setting this legislative term agenda and passing legislation. 

“This semester, we’re going to operate these students in it in a hybrid fashion,” said Davis, “Where senators have the option to meet virtually if they do not feel comfortable fulfilling their physical seat in the chamber.”

Davis also said they plan on splitting up senators into groups, where one comes into the chamber and the others join the meeting via Zoom. The first SGA Senate meeting is scheduled for Thursday, Sept. 10 at 6 p.m. and will occur every other Thursday at that.

Traditionally, senate meetings were open for students to sit in the chamber to speak at the open forum. However, students won’t be able to do that unless they have reached out to Davis beforehand.

“However, we will also be broadcasting these meetings on a platform, Zoom obviously, and those meetings will be broadcasted publicly,” Davis said. 

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