Kaitlyn Levassar, a senior geoscience major from Plano, recommends underclassmen try to not worry too much about the future and enjoy where they are at in the present. 

The end of the semester is approaching, meaning the end of an era for Tech seniors. With reality coming at them quickly, these students find themselves trying to soak in every last minute as college students.

“Being an adult is scary," Kaitlyn Levassar, a senior geoscience major from Plano, said. "The older you get, the more you realize you need to cherish the moments and soak it all in. College is a once in a lifetime experience that you’ll never get back."

Time flies by quickly, and it feels like freshman year was yesterday, Levassar said.

“I had applied to and toured a lot of schools as a [high school] senior, but Tech is where I immediately felt at home,” Cassie Young, a senior public relations major from Dallas, said. "I knew I had found my place here in Lubbock, and I’ve been so happy here for the last four years.”

College is a time of growth both socially and academically for students. The best thing to do, seniors say, is to get as involved as possible on campus.

Levassar said she chose to attend college at Tech because the number of opportunities available for her major stood out when she was applying to schools. During her time at Tech, she was involved in student organizations, such as the Geoscience Society and the American Association for Petroleum Geology.

“One of my favorite memories I have from college is joining my sorority and celebrating bid day with girls who are now some of my best friends,” Young said. “I’m also very involved in academic organizations like the Mortar Board and Order of Omega.”

These students have called Tech home for the past four years, and they say they are leaving with cherished memories.

“My favorite memories were as a freshman in the dorms,” Levassar said. “I remember when it snowed for the first time my freshman year, and it was so cool because where I’m from it never snows. We had so much fun playing around outside in it.”

Young will always remember the bond Red Raiders have with each other, she said. When someone goes to Tech, they are part of a community that continuously supports each other.

There will be a lot about Tech that will be missed, and it will be hard to say goodbye come graduation, Young said.

“I think I’m going to miss going to football and basketball games with all of my friends the most,” Alex Jordan, a senior finance major from El Paso, said. “I feel like the stadium is where we experience the most school spirit as we all come together as fans.”

The seniors all offer underclassmen the same advice: enjoy the moments while they last.

“It’s surreal to think I won’t be coming back as a student next semester, that this is it,” Jordan said. “Freshman year truly feels like it was yesterday.”

“It’s so easy to get caught up in grades and the stress of school while you’re in college,” Levassar said. “It’s important to take time to enjoy where you’re at instead of worrying about the future. These are the times you’ll look back on for the rest of your life.”

Tech has not decided yet whether graduation will take place virtually or in-person for this school year. The official dates for commencement are May 14-15 for spring and August 7 for summer, according to the Office of Provost website.

“College has gone by in a blink of an eye,” Young said. “I can’t believe I’m almost done and about to graduate. It’s crazy how fast it has gone.”

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