Student Organizations S.O. Sing

Aha Phi and Sigma Phi Epsilon perform a dance routine to "Phones and Ferb" during the Student Organizations Sing competition on Oct. 15, 2019 at 8 p.m. in the United Supermarket Arena. Various organizations compete with prepared dancing and singing routines.

S.O. Sing is a Texas Tech homecoming tradition hosted every year. However, this year the competition is taking place virtually due to COVID-19.  

Bethany DeLuna, Student Activities Board spirit and traditions coordinator, said S.O. Sing is a dancing and singing competition where teams will create routines based on a chosen theme. 

“The handbook says they have to create their own original lyrics,” DeLuna said. “They can reuse music from popular songs at the time, but it’s not a lip-sync competition.”   

The competition is separated between Greek organizations and other student organizations, DeLuna said. S.O. Sing is a way for competing organizations to show their creativity through their costumes and performances. 

Paulina Alcala, Dancers With Soul vice president, said S.O. Sing’s overall theme was social media. DWS used the social media app, Vine, for their theme.  

“We were really happy with that choice because we were able to bring back all the old trends, especially old dance trends into our piece this year,” Alcala, a senior communication studies and advertising major from San Antonio, said. 

This year, the organizations all submitted videos of their routines, which made the competition fun because it gave them new opportunities, Alcala said. DWS was able to incorporate different transitions and they were able to make their routine look like a music video.  

DWS included 20 members in their S.O. Sing submission this year, which is different from previous years when they could have 40 people participating, Alcala said. 

“That was kind of difficult just to see who was actually able to be in the video and what people could do, especially when it comes to stunts,” Alcala said. 

The organizations participating also had less time than usual to create their routines this year, Alcala said. However, everyone in the organization was able to work together to create a video they were proud of despite the changes.  

Cameron Warren, Sigma Phi Lambda vice president, said they were partnered with Theta Chi for S.O. Sing. The theme for their submission was activity app and it was based on the song “Let’s Get Physical”.

The virtual format allowed for the team to be more creative with how they presented their routine, Warren, a senior accounting major from Wellington, said. 

“This year we filmed outside at the tennis courts,” Warren said. “That was really cool because it got to really showcase our theme which was getting physical, and it allowed for a little bit more creativity.” 

To make up for having less time to make their routine, the group had to practice almost every day and had to simplify their routine, Warren said. 

However, the virtual format was beneficial because the group was able to use different camera angles and had the opportunity to film the routine multiple times, Warren said. They were also able to use cue cards, which they would not get to do if they performed live. 

“I think it came across really bright and looks like a super fun 90s workout video,” Warren said. 

Jessica Carithers, Alpha Phi Vice President of Community Relations, said despite the COVID-19 changes, her sorority is happy to still have the opportunity to participate in homecoming events.   

“I’m really proud of the Student Activities Board for making a safe environment where we still have most of the activities that we normally have during homecoming week,” Carithers, a senior public relations major from McKinney, said. 

Alpha Phi has been wondering how Homecoming will take place since the beginning of the school year and were eager to still be able to participate, Carithers said. 

“Everyone has just gone above and beyond this year to pull off something that was really incredible and really inspiring,” Carithers said. “I’m just so proud, and I’m so excited to see what everyone does.” 

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