Student Organizations S.O. Sing

Aha Phi and Sigma Phi Epsilon perform a dance routine to "Phones and Ferb" during the Student Organizations Sing competition on Oct. 15, 2019 at 8 p.m. in the United Supermarket Arena. Various organizations compete with prepared dancing and singing routines.

The Student Activities Board hosted the annual S.O. Sing Event on Tuesday night in the United Supermarkets Arena as a part of Homecoming week to bring organizations across campus together. 

Michelle Morris, president of the Student Activities Board and a junior public relations major from Mesquite, said S.O. Sing stands for student organizations. Members of organizations come together with a song that has their own lyrics and a dance to go with it to compete to win points for Homecoming week.

“It’s mostly sororities and fraternities but in the past years we’ve been working to get more student organizations involved on campus, so this is actually our first year having a wider base of student organizations at S.O. Sing,” she said. “We have one category that’s for Greek life and one that’s for other organizations.”

Morris said this event is important for Homecoming week because organizations come together and work for months in advance to make this all happen. It helps with community and school involvement.

The crowd also helps build up the Homecoming aspect of the event because the viewers not only get to watch their friends perform, she said, but also because everyone is excited to see the Homecoming court announced. 

“From this event we also announce our top candidates for royalty, so they get to find out who’s in the next level and then they also just get to have a lot of fun while watching their peers perform,” Morris said.

Grace Patrick, a freshman education major from Longview and a member of the sorority Tri Delta, said S.O. Sing was an optional event where members had the option of trying out to participate. 

Patrick did dance and cheer throughout high school and earlier grades and said she was really fond of it.

“I thought it would be fun to continue it with my college in my sorority and stuff like that,” she said. 

The event is a good way to bring everyone together during Homecoming week and get all the organizations involved recognition, Patrick said. No matter who won or lost, the important thing is that everyone had fun.

“It gets everyone’s morale up, and it gets all the sororities and fraternities involved, and it gets the whole campus involved,” she said.

Logan Romine, a freshman advertising major from Fort Worth and a member of the fraternity Pi Kappa Alpha, said that since it is his freshman year, he wanted to get involved. 

“I’m trying to live out the full college freshman experience,” he said. “I played sports in high school and so I’ve always thought that it’s fun to be apart of something bigger than you.”

Romine said that the event is a good way to get everyone on campus involved during Homecoming week and gives everyone the opportunity to do what Homecoming is all about: have fun. 

“It brings everyone together and shows that everyone is striving toward the same goal and we’re all here to have fun and we’re all here to bond with each other and make friends and live out our lives as best as we can,” he said. 

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