Risk Intervention and Safety Education has partnered with OrganiCup to offer free menstrual cups to anyone on campus with a Texas Tech email address. Registration lasts until Oct. 16. and can be found on the RISE website.

“OrganiCup has been producing menstrual cups for a while,” Ashley Rose Marino, program manager of communications, marketing and design at RISE, said. “They are now doing a campaign called CampusCup 2020.”

RISE already provides other menstrual products such as tampons and pads, Marino said, but this is the first time it will be able to give out menstrual cups.

The CampusCup 2020 campaign by OrganiCup wants to make an impact on universities across the U.S., according to the OrganiCup website. The goal is to make periods more sustainable.

“What is really great about the product is that it is more sustainable,” Marino said. “I am glad that this is an option that we are now able to provide.”

The OrganiCup will be free, Marino said, which is an advantage for students as the price is usually a factor prohibiting people from trying the cup.

As of Oct. 6 at noon, around 370 people registered to receive a menstrual cup, Marino said. The registration numbers have exceeded her expectations, and she is excited for people to try the product.

“This is literally so great for students who are maybe not able to come up to campus on the days that they need these pads and tampons,” Marino said. “The menstrual cups are just there; it is so convenient.”

Menstrual cups are reusable and can replace up to two years of menstrual waste, which includes about 528 pads/tampons, according to OrganiCup. The menstrual cup is made of flexible, medical-grade silicone and can be worn for up to 12 hours after inserting.

“RISE has not been able to offer menstrual cups in the past because of the cost per cup, but they're usually about $20 or more per item," Marino said. "So, this was a really cool opportunity that we definitely took advantage of.”

Registration to receive an OrganiCup ends Oct 16., Marino said. RISE will contact the individuals who have registered to pick up their menstrual cup once they arrive.

Students will be able to pick the cups up at the RISE Peer educator table events or in RISE’s office in Drane Hall, room 247, Marino said. The plan is to get the cups handed out before Thanksgiving.

“It's just an alternative to traditional period products which are tampons and pads usually,” Marino said. “I'm so excited for our students, faculty and staff.”

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