Due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, Texas Tech will host Red Raider Orientation online rather than on-campus for summer 2020. 

“Obviously, this is new and exciting for everyone, and so we are looking to replicate as many aspects of the traditional orientation experience but in a virtual format,” Zach Manning, associate director of transition and engagement, said regarding RRO. 

Virtual RRO will include three different phases, according to the RRO website. Students will first watch online modules prior to their RRO session, then participate in online advising and register for classes during their RRO session, and lastly, attend expanded Raider Welcome programming on-campus in the fall. 

Students will still be charged an RRO fee, which will be determined based on the expenses of the virtual format, according to the RRO website. The parent/guest programming fee has been waived for summer 2020. 

Phase One 

The first of the virtual RRO phases begins on May 26, when online modules will be made available for incoming students, Manning said. Students will be able to access these modules anytime before their scheduled orientation. 

The online modules will include a welcome from the administration in addition to information regarding various campus resources, student rights and responsibilities and more, Manning said. 

Specific topics in the modules include Eraider accounts, Texas Tech email, Raiderlink, class registration, Title IX, suicide prevention, bystander intervention, resources including the RISE office and Student Counseling Center, Financial Aid, Student Business Services, information from the Office of Diversity Equity and Inclusion and information from colleges and majors. 

 Students will also have the opportunity learn about Tech traditions.  

“We want them to know, you know, how to get their guns up and how to chant Raider Power and different things that are unique to Texas Tech,” Manning said. 

Phase Two

Following the online modules, students will participate in advising and registration for classes on their scheduled RRO date. 

“Obviously we’ll be using different mediums to communicate with students and so, with the advising piece, every college does it differently, but we are going to make sure that our students get connected with their academic adviser to make sure they’re ready to register for classes,” Manning said.

Currently, colleges may not have finalized plans in place for virtual advising, Manning said. But, they will have these plans in place before orientation. In regards to registration, students will register themselves for classes, as in the past. 

Phase Three

The final phase of virtual RRO will take place during Raider Welcome, which will occur on-campus from August 16-29. 

Some of the events that would occur in a traditional face-to-face orientation will instead occur during Raider Welcome, Manning said, including events for family members. 

Currently, a large expo event is being planned as part of RRO during Welcome week, he said. During the event, students and family members will have the opportunity to interact face-to-face with different offices, departments, and resources from the Tech campus and Lubbock community.

“(Students) will receive some information throughout the summer, but we really want to show off what Texas Tech does best, and that’s our people and be able to connect face-to-face personally for those students and family members,” Manning said. 

More information regarding RRO is available at http://www.depts.ttu.edu/studentengagement/redraiderorientation/virtual.php

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