Red Raider Open

Joseph Guesnier successfully performs a “clean and jerk” lift  during the Red Raider Open Olympic weightlifting competition.

Chalk-stained competitors formed a line at the indoor soccer court inside the Robert H. Ewalt Student Recreation Center as it was transformed to host Texas Tech’s first Olympic weightlifting competition Saturday morning.

The Red Raider Open competition, according to its website, was hosted by CrossFit Tech as a non-sanctioned Olympic weightlifting meet so competitors could gain experience in a less formal setting.

Females competed from 10 a.m. until noon, according to the website, and males competed from noon to 2 p.m.

“I have never actually competed in a weightlifting competition,” Rebecca Antcliff, a freshman engineering major from Lubbock, said. “I have done CrossFit before, but not this (Olympic weightlifting). So it was fun competing in something like this for my first time.” 

It takes hard work and dedication in order to prepare for a weightlifting competition, she said.

Competing in front of the crowd and judges was the most intimidating thing, she said. 

“I did not do as well as I wished I would have,” she said. “I did not compete like I usually do when I practice, but it is OK since it was my first competition.”

According to the competition’s website, both male and female competitors had three attempts to get a maximum lift in the snatch and clean and jerk.

At the end of the event, the top three placements were announced for both males and females. 

Angie Nhan came in first place for the females, followed by Kasey Rivas in second and Collie Cox in third.

For the males, Joseph Guesnier came in first place, followed by Ty Dooley in second and Cody Settle in third. 

“There is a lot that goes behind to preparing for a competition like this,” Guesnier, a Tech alumnus, said. “It takes a lot of heavy lifting and technique work.”

He said he has competed in similar events for about three years.

Guesnier was introduced to Olympic weightlifting through CrossFit, he said.

“My mindset through the competition was to just have fun and hit a lift that you know you can,” he said. “From there you have a safety net, so you can try and hit as heavy as you can.”

Both males and females each had two hours to compete in their event.

According to the website, the competition was conducted in one-pound increments. 

“The purpose of this competition is to introduce the athlete to a USA weightlifting competition without the expense and trepidation of an official event,” according to the competition website. 

Collie Cox, who placed third in the women’s competition, said she had been preparing for the competition every day. 

She lifted at CrossFit Lubbock daily prior to the competition, she said.

“I had a lot of fun competition in this type of even,” she said. “Once you know what weights you are going to compete with, there is not much you can do, besides going out and having fun with the competition.” 

Guesnier, the first place winner for the males, had a Sinclair (coefficient) of 319, snatched 290 pounds and clean and jerked 330 pounds. 

He said he was really excited to win the competition. 

“It is not a sanctioned event, so there is not a ton of big competition, but it was cool to get one under my belt,” he said. “It was my first competition, so it was a little bit surprising, but I knew I could get some high weight numbers.”

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