Raider Welcome: Ice Cream Social

Students watching the cheerleaders and pom squad while attending the ice cream social. The event was hosted by Raider Welcome from 6 to 8 p.m. on Monday, Aug. 19, 2019, at the Wiggins Complex.

As Texas Tech welcomes the new freshman class, several student organizations will be hosting two weeks of free events designed to bring the campus together.

Monday kicked off two weeks of events hosted around Tech called Raider Welcome. The events today included the 99 cent Steak Night in Urbanovsky Park at 5 p.m. and the Ice Cream Social in front of the University Career Center in the Wiggins Complex at 6 p.m.

Kellie Tuttle, a chemical engineering freshman from Katy who attended the 99 cent Steak Night, said the event posting she saw in the Student Union Building intrigued her.

“I saw it on the list of stuff to do (at the SUB) and I saw the price, and I saw steak, and I thought it was a good deal,” she said.

Tuttle said she moved in on Saturday and was just looking for something to do that engaged other new students.

Samantha Lessard, a civil engineering freshman from Katy, said she had been waiting in line for the steak, baked potato, salad and dessert for ten minutes in Urbanovsky Park.

“I wanted to do something,” she said. “I haven’t done any events yet, so this is my first one.”

Kenadee Hess, a journalism freshman from Amarillo who attended the Ice Cream Social, said she came to the event to make friends, and to enjoy a small cup of Bluebell ice cream.

The Texas Tech Pom and Cheer squads, as well as the Masked Rider, made an appearance at the Ice Cream Social.

“I think its really cool and its cool to like see (Texas Tech Pom and Cheer) actually here,” she said.

Events like this at the beginning of the school year, Hess said, allows freshman to get out of their dorm and curates school spirit.

Katie Sandifer, a psychology freshman from Amarillo, said she attended the Ice Cream Social to grab a treat and talk.

“(I came) just to meet people and make friends outside of our dorm,” she said. “We’ve just been hanging out and watching the cheerleaders.”

Spirited events like these, Sandifer said, allow her to meet people she wouldn’t otherwise interact with and make new connections.

“I definitely think they help people,” she said. “I don’t think I’d like be in the same area with half these people if it wasn’t for events like these.”

Lauren McDonald, a kienesiology freshman from York Town, Virginia, also said the Ice Cream Social allowed her to branch out and see the Pom and Cheer Squads as well as the Masked Rider for the first time.

 “It was either this or take a nap, so I said, ‘We’ll go to this,’” she said.

In addition to meeting new people, McDonald was pleasantly surprised by the Tech Pom and Cheer Squads as well as the Masked Rider’s appearance, she said.

“I used to cheer, so it was really cute to see the cheerleaders,” she said. “I loved it, I haven’t seen much of the mascots, so it was really cool to see them. I haven’t seen the horse yet.”

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