With citizens being in quarantine for several months due to COVID-19, many have found new interests, and even side hustles during their free time.

Michael Lowery, a senior journalism major from Austin, said he developed a side hustle using the food delivery company, DoorDash.

“It’s food delivery,” Lowery said. “Whenever you’re super bored it’s a way during quarantine to go out and safely make money.”

Lowery said he was inspired by an advertisement to begin his side hustle.

“Honestly, I saw a commercial,” Lowery said. “One of my friends was doing it, and it only took him like five minutes to sign up, get to job and start making money.”

With COVID-19 affecting the economy, it was an easy decision to make, Lowery said.

“With having people being laid off and there not being a lot of jobs, I was like, ‘that sounds like a great way to make money really easily,’” Lowery said.

Lowery said it has been successful for him since he started at DoorDash.

“It’s super successful,” Lowery said. “You get to do your own hours, so you can work all day if you really wanted to, and depending on where you are, you get to make a lot of money.”

Lowery said he will continue to do this in the future.

“I’m actually back in Lubbock now,” Lowery said, “and I’ve already done it for a couple days. I mean there’s not a whole lot of things to do in Lubbock especially when you add quarantine to it, so yeah I’d keep going.”

Duane Threatt, a senior music education major from Mesquite, said he grew his interest in competitive bowling during quarantine.

“The centers got shut down March 13, and there was no bowling for about two months,” Threatt said, “and then we were allowed 25 percent capacity, but at the time I only wanted to go practice because for one hour of bowling it was like $60.”

Threatt said he didn’t start tournaments at first because he had another job.

“I really didn’t get into tournaments and stuff until like mid-June because I was working for FedEx at the time,” Threatt said, “but once I started getting into tournaments and winning, I was like ‘man I’m making more money from tournament bowling than from FedEx’, so I kind of used my FedEx money to help me out with my tournaments.”

During high school and his first two years of college, Threatt said he wasn’t as focused on bowling.

“I haven’t bowled like this in two years,” Threatt said. “I haven’t bowled this consistently with tournaments maybe since I was like 16, and I wasn’t really expecting much, but God made a way.”

Threatt said he has been successful since he started bowling again during quarantine.

“I’ve probably made in earning during quarantine, give or take, about $4,000,” Threatt said. “I just won $300 yesterday.”

Threatt said he will continue to do this through the year, but he will prioritize school over bowling.

Kiana Vasquez, a senior accounting major from Crosbyton, said she started her own car freshener business during quarantine.

“I lost my job as a medical assistant to COVID-19 in March,” Vasquez said. “I needed some extra money, and nobody was hiring at that time because everyone was losing jobs.”

Vasquez said that she had seen an ad for car fresheners on Facebook.

“I just YouTubed how to make them, and it was so easy,” Vasquez said. “Within an hour I had ordered all of the supplies that I needed, so I just started making car fresheners and selling them.”

Vasquez said she has had success in her business since she started.

“So I have actually been pretty successful,” Vasquez said. “I now have like two business logos. I have 1,500 customers, and I sell to like nine different states now. It grew so fast."

With her second job, Vasquez said she will make time for her car freshener business.

“I am going to school online full-time,” Vasquez said.  “I work a full-time job, and I do my car freshener business in the evenings.”

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