YouTube series showcases locals

Casey Kopp, a senior public relations major from Southlake, poses with Texas Tech baseball announcer Rick Gilbert, who was the feature of the second episode of her YouTube series “Friends I Haven’t Met Yet.” The series began in March, and Jay Crain, a mass communications graduate student from De Kalb, helps Kopp edit and produce each episode.

Different inspirations for projects can come from any experience a person had, and those inspirations can lead to success on a project.

Casey Kopp, a senior public relations major from Southlake, was inspired to start a YouTube video series while living in Chicago over the summer, and this semester her series has taken off.

Started in March, “Friends I Haven’t Met Yet” is a YouTube show where Kopp interviews different people from the Lubbock area.

In her show, Kopp features people making an impact in the Lubbock community and random people on the street, she said.

Kopp’s dream was to be a talk show host, and this video series gave her the chance to do it, she said. Kopp brainstormed the idea with her coworkers in Chicago.

“When I got back here to Lubbock for my senior year, that’s when I put the ball in play,” Kopp said.

Kopp recruited Jay Crain, a mass communications graduate student from De Kalb, to help her with the video and editing portion of the series, Kopp said.

“(Kopp) approached me sometime during the beginning of this semester and she ran the concept by me and I loved it,” Crain said. “It was something to help her and to help me with my portfolio work as well.”

For the first episode of the show, Kopp chose to feature the owners of One Guy From Italy, a local Italian restaurant, she said. Kopp felt like the great personality of the people who worked there would be a great interview.

Filming the first episode was a learning experience for Crain, he said. Crain was used to a more traditional sit down interview style.  

 “I constantly had the video and microphone on (filming the first episode),” Kopp said. “It took quite a while to go through and figure out what worked well. It took even longer to edit it all down for it to flow fairly well. A lot of it was learning on the go because it was a shoot and go kind of thing.”

Kopp got the idea for the profile of the second episode, a profile on Texas Tech announcer Rick Gilbert, when she was at a Tech baseball game, she said.

“I was at the Tech baseball game a few weeks ago, and I am constantly thinking about my ideas for the show,” Kopp said. “I was sitting there and I thought that it would be cool to get the announcer for Tech because no one knows what the announcer looks like, no one gets to know his personality or anything.”

Kopp snuck in to the public address announcer booth before one of the games and asked Gilbert if he wanted to be on her show, she said. Gilbert accepted and became a great interview.

Kopp decided to change the structure of the show in the second episode, she said. Kopp and Crain went down Broadway to interview strangers on the street.

Kopp said this part of the show added diversity and some spontaneity.

“I’m really trying to be as diverse as possible so that I can relate to as many people as possible,” Kopp said. “I’m open to interviewing anyone and everyone.”

This season of “Friends I Haven’t Met Yet” will be five episodes long, Kopp said. While the guests on the episodes are kept a secret until it is released, Kopp’s goal for the season one finale is to talk to Tech football coach Kliff Kingsbury.

Crain hopes the series will continue because a video series like this gives people the chance to see a side of people that people do not necessarily see, he said.

Because Kopp is graduating this semester, she hopes to continue the show in Chicago, she said.

“When I move on to Chicago, I am going to be around new people and it would be a perfect place to do (season two),” Kopp said.

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Bethany Bavister

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