Texas Tech Panhellenic Council hosted a Worship Night for Greek and non-Greek students at 7 p.m. on Thursday, Sept. 7, at the Frazier Alumni Pavilion.

Gabby Snell, a senior speech-language pathology major from Kingwood and the spiritual liaison for the Panhellenic Council, was an organizer for the Worship Night. Snell said part of her job as spiritual liaison is connecting with various chaplains in the Greek community and churches around town.

Snell said she organized this event, so the incoming Greek and non-Greek students can meet other women interested in Christ.

“We’re trying to have events for girls who are believers in the Greek community,” Snell said. “Just to be able to reach out and find other girls in the Greek community.”

Snell said she invited many of the Christian groups on campus, including Greek Wide, Raider Church and CRU.

Katie Welch, a Tech alumna from Greenville, has worked for CRU for five years.

CRU is a non-denominational Christian group at Tech that looks at scripture and focuses on the gospel, Welch said.

“We want to help students wherever they’re at in their spiritual journey,” Welch said. “We also want to clear up some misconceptions about Christianity as well. We’ll help students grow in their faith and learn more about Christianity, eternal life and anything we can help students learn more about.”

Welch said she has seen students come to CRU as freshmen and stay with the organization until they graduate. A lot of freshmen are looking for community, and she wants to provide a place where students feel cared for and where they understand themselves better.

“From there, students who get involved are impacted in different ways,” Welch said. “They find friends, roommates, spouses and even people they want in their wedding. A lot of students learn how to be a leader, how to be a respectful adult and how to be a good student.”

One of the incoming freshmen in attendance was Samantha Norris, an education major from Coppell. Norris said she went to Worship Night because she wanted to meet more people involved in Greek Life, like herself.

“I really wanted to get closer to God,” Norris said. “Now that I’m on my own in college, I think it’s important for me to find my space and my place in college. I want to be surrounded by people who will bring out the best in me.”

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