The Museum of Texas Tech University hosted a Museum by Night event from 6 to 9 p.m. on Thursday with the theme "Murder Mystery." 

The event featured a mystery set in the 1950s during which a high school president collapses during a party and is pronounced dead, or rather, murdered. 

The activity was limited to 150 people, according to the Facebook page for the event. Costumers were encouraged. 

“We do this a couple of times a year, though it’s mostly geared toward adults,” Caroline Reeves, education manager at the museum, said. “We do a lot of kid activities, but this is more for the adult audience. Tonight, we have a group coming from Dallas to perform a Murder Mystery Event.”  

Reeves said events hosted by the museum differ due to a variety factors, noting events such as lectures, birthday parties, live music and wine tasting. Reeves also said this is the Museum’s 90th year and events occur every year.  

Christabel Zips, a guard of the museum and spectator of the event, said the aura which people gave off was astounding and filled with enthusiasm.   

“As far as for working the museum at night, I’ve worked a few of them in the past, but this is the first time I’ve experienced something that’s interactive like this, with the audience,” Zips said. “It was eccentric, wild, funny, and it was just great.”  

Zips said that the museum holds events similar to the Murder Night that are open to the public. If people are interested interested, more information is available on the Museum's website or Facebook page.  

Shkristin Shipp, a former Tech student and Lubbock local, said participating in an activity such as a Murder Mystery has always been a dream of hers. 

Accompanying Shipp was Liz Morgan, another former Tech graduate and Lubbock local who previously had not known that events like these existed, Morgan said. 

Morgan said she was sad this Murder Mystery night was the last event of the year. However, she said she and Shipp will be back next time and plan on participating in events moving forward.   

Morgan and Shipp were both parts of the winning group of the night. Shipp said  through cooperative teamwork and determination, they were able to find the culprit.   

“We saw it on Facebook, and we decided we wanted to come,” Shipp said. “We always wanted to do a Murder Mystery; it was just something right up our alley, perfect timing and perfect night that we could get here.”   

Morgan and Shipp both said the activity was delightful and an experience which they are glad to have taken part in. Moving forward, both hope to attend similar events and continue enjoying their time.  

“I think that probably if these types of events were publicized more, I think there would be a lot more participation, because it far exceeded my expectations,” Shipp said.   

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