Matador Monday

Head coach of the Texas Tech basketball team, Chris Beard, and the basketball players gather on stage at Matador Monday at The Jones AT&T Stadium on Aug. 26, 2019. Coach Beard spoke to those who attended the Matador Monday event in regards to the upcoming football season.

Matador Monday, a new tradition initiated by head football coach Matt Wells, was held at 6:45 p.m. on Monday at the Jones AT&T stadium. The event included a football practice and impromptu pep rally, and it was open to students and Tech fans alike.

Drew Ingraham, an associate athletics director for Tech, said in a football press conference at 11:15 a.m. on Monday that Matador Monday is a new tradition that coach Wells initiated.

“Coach Wells and his staff (are) implementing a new tradition here called Matador Monday,” he said. “We work in conjunction with campus, they actually make it part of the first week experience for freshman and students.”

During a portion of the practice, Ingraham said, coach Wells will conduct practice over the loud speakers of the stadium.

“We are going to invite our students to come in with free pizza, give them some water,” he said. “And then provide them an opportunity to give them an up close look at what the new football program and what they will experience over the course of the season.”

This event is different from anything they have done in the past, Ingraham said.

“We are going to invite the students to come down to the field, and we’re going to kind of host an impromptu pep rally,” Ingraham said. “We’ll allow our students to interact with our student athletes as well as hear from coach Wells and the staff and captains.”

Along with words from the staff and football captains, he said Tech head basketball coach Chris Beard will make an appearance at Matador Monday.

“This year we are fortunate enough coach Beard will also be joining coach Wells during the event.”

Hunter Elias, a civil engineering senior from Dripping Springs, said he attended Matador Monday to check out the new Tech football head coach Matt Wells as he enters his first season with the Red Raiders.

“Well I live right across the street, and there’s free food, and I really want to see our new coach for football,” he said.

While Elias said the first game will be exciting, he is interested in watching the entirety of football season unfold.

“The first game I think we’ll do just fine,” Elias said. “The season, I don’t know what to expect. It’s kind of exciting not knowing, I miss (Kliff) Kingsbury a lot, but Matt Wells I heard is pretty fantastic so we’ll see what happens.”

Riley Sessions, a pre-nursing freshman from Wellington, said she was bored in her dorm when her friend texted her about the event.

“Just to get out of the dorm, see what the football team looks like,” she said. “We actually have a friend who went to Wellington (High School) that’s playing, so we kind of I guess came to watch him.”

“I’m super excited, I can’t wait to be a part of the college atmosphere, the student section,” she said. “I’ll probably be going to a bunch of games.”

Emily Todd, a public relations freshman from Lamesa, said she was excited to see the Tech football team win some games this season.

“It honestly sounded like a lot of fun,” she said. “Getting hyped up for the games starting up this weekend. I’ve seen a bunch of people selling food, and drinks and stuff. And the team practicing obviously, and just people having a really good time.”

Cooper Logan, an agriculture communications freshman from Seminole, said he wanted to get a feel for the Tech football team this year.

“I played against a couple of the Tech (football) players my sophomore year (of high school) so I just came out here really to watch them practice and see what Matador Monday is all about,” he said.

Logan said he was interested in seeing Matt Wells’ coaching style and how the team worked together before the first game.

“I wish I was down there (on the field),” he said. “Now that Alan Bowman is back, I feel like we’ll have a great year, and I’m ready to see what this new coach’s staff can do.”

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