Hazy Plains Band consists of three passionate musicians attending Texas Tech. The band performed at their first official gig together on Oct. 17.

Chandler Pearson, a sophomore mechanical engineering major from Fort Worth, said the band performs Texas country style music. Pearson is a singer for the Hazy Plains Band.

His style of music is influenced by his dad, Pearson said. He and would frequently listen to 90s and 2000s music with his dad while he was growing up. 

“I feel like a lot of our music is pretty similar to that style,” Pearson said.

Pearson has always been interested in music, he said. However, he started to take his interest more seriously during his freshman year of college after meeting other musicians.

Hazy Plains Band writes their own music, but they also perform covers because some of their appearances can be up to three hours long, Pearson said.

The process for writing their original songs is collaborative, he said. Pearson and Trevor Hickok work together on writing the words and chords, and Blake Houldsworth will review what they have written from a rhythmic perspective.

“Music is a way to express what’s going on inside my head, so I can digest some of the tougher things I’ve been through,” Pearson said. “All of our original songs, I try to keep genuine to things that have happened to me in my life.”

The three band members all met their freshman year at Tech and started playing together, Pearson said. However, they did not become Hazy Plains Band until September.

Trevor Hickok, a sophomore mechanical engineering major from Crawford, said he plays the fiddle for Hazy Plains Band.

Being in a band while also studying mechanical engineering makes it difficult for the band members to balance their time, Hickok said.

“It’s very hard to keep your passions in check,” Hickok said. “When you’re a passionate musician, once you start getting into music, it’s hard to remember the other things in life.”

Although it can be difficult to balance completing schoolwork and practicing music, it helps that all of the band members are in the same major, Hickok said.

“My other two band members are also the same major, so we all kind of help each other with our homework,” Hickok said. “I think that’s what brings us together as a band, and really helps us continue to be good.”

Hickok never saw himself performing country music until he was a senior in high school, he said. 

“I always thought I would be a classical performer,” Hickok said. “Senior year, I kind of just dipped my toes back into my roots and really got into old country.”

Although he has always had an interest in music, Hickok has not always been a confident performer, he said. Hickok had to practice singing and playing instruments on his own to get more comfortable performing.

 “The more confident you are, the more fun it is,” Hickok said. “I love that it’s definitely a blood rush to perform and it lets you feel like what you have been creating is worth it.”

 Blake Houldsworth, a junior mechanical engineering major from Ruidoso, New Mexico, said he plays the drums for Hazy Plains Band. He grew up playing in worship bands at church, which was a big part of his childhood.

Performing on stage is an exciting experience for him, Houldsworth said. He enjoys being able to perform live with other good musicians.

“I’ve always dreamed of being able to do music in college and have that good base with friends,” Houldsworth said. “It’s really cool to have the guys also be a part of mechanical engineering because it doesn’t necessarily shift the focus away from school.”

The band hopes to release their own EP, a small album, consisting of their original songs, Pearson said.

“The end goal would to be to play a whole show of just our own music,” Pearson said.

Hazy Plains Band plays at a variety of venues in Lubbock, such as Two Doc’s, Skooners and Blue Light, Pearson said.

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