Haunted characters at Nightmare on 19th

Two haunted characters stare down their next victim at Nightmare on 19th on Oct. 22, 2021.

The thrill of a chainsaw sounding, the eeriness of the dark and distant screams are all staples of a good haunted house.

Halloween is approaching, and Lubbock offers a number of haunted attractions for college students to attend.

“I feel like college students attend haunted houses for the thrill and to get a quick adrenaline high,” Brooke Gisler, a second-year advertising student from Runge, said. “When college students get bored at night, a haunted house is the place to go. I think it’s a way for people to entertain themselves, especially those who like horror or thriller.”

Gisler said she attended Nightmare on 19th Street, located at 602 East 19th St. There were four different haunted houses she and her friends walked through; the first was zombie-themed, the second was killer clowns-themed, the third one was pirates-themed and the last was “Krampus”-themed, Gisler said.

Wes Nessman, co-owner of Nightmare on 19th Street, said the weekend of Halloween, the haunted house will be open Thursday through Sunday. The Thursday night entry fee is $20 and the Friday, Saturday and Sunday night entry fee is $25. 

“To be honest, attending a haunted house is a great date night alternative to going out or going to a restaurant,” Nessman said. “It also allows college students to get out and get some fresh air. We have four haunted attractions plus a giant midway and all the extras, including food and merch vendors.”

The Haunted Woods at Adventure Park is another haunted house currently open in Lubbock. Adventure Park is located at 5110 29th Dr., and the Haunted Woods are open from 8 p.m. until 10:30 p.m. on Friday and Saturday. They will also be open on Halloween. 

Jim Evans, chief director of operations at Adventure Park, said the haunted house is a half-mile trail surrounded by lakes, stretching through 20 acres of woods. 

“We have pneumatics and lighting and sound just like any other haunted house, except ours is more realistic,” Evans said. “This year, our theme is ‘Friday the 13th.’ So right now we have many scenes that are in each movie, and they are built by some of the creators of Walking Dead. It is a very high-end production.”

Evans said exiting the Haunted Woods can feel successful because people are coming out of something stressful. He said people always leave with a good story to tell. 

Not only do haunted houses satisfy a college student’s need for an adrenaline rush, but attending a haunted house is a safe, alcohol-free event for college students, Nessman said. 

“We generally get all of the athletes from all of the sports coming out, which is evident because they’re so identifiable when you get a group of basketball or football players out there,” Nessman said. “We love having the Lady Raiders out there every year. It’s very well attended, because it is an alcohol-free option for people.”

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