Head coach gives instructions

Head coach, Krista Gerlich, gives players instructions during the first practice of the season in United Supermarkets Arena on Sept. 30, 2021.

From when she was little until she became recruitable, junior Bryn Gerlich has been coached by her mother. Now, the 6-foot forward is playing for her mother at Texas Tech. 

This is Bryn Gerlich’s second season under women’s head basketball coach Krista Gerlich, and Bryn said their relationship has grown since she transferred. 

“Coming in I had to get used to her being my coach again, because she’s very hard on me, but I know that’s the reason I’ve been able to accomplish everything I have and that’s the reason I’m here and that’s why I’m so excited for this year,” Bryn Gerlich said. “I think on the court it allows me to know that even when she is yelling at me or coaching me that it’s all out of love and it’s not in spite in any way. It’s all to make me better.”

Bryn Gerlich transferred from Oklahoma State after playing her first two collegiate seasons as a Cowgirl, according to Tech Athletics. Then, before the start of the 2020-2021 basketball season, Coach Gerlich was offered the head coach position at Tech, where Bryn Gerlich decided to follow her mother. 

“My mom got the call and she immediately called me and we just knew that’s what I wanted to do,” Bryn Gerlich said. “I wanted to come here because playing against her was not an option, and that decision was actually very easy.”

Coach Gerlich said although she may have high expectations for her daughter, she has loved being able to coach her again.

“I love watching her confidence grow and as with all of them (players), it’s certainly hard because there’s higher expectations there and I probably expect her to know things that maybe others don’t,” Coach Gerlich said. “It’s been awesome and I’m loving that we’re getting to share this time in our lives together.”

Although Coach Gerlich coached Bryn Gerlich while she was growing up, Coach Gerlich said her favorite memory of her daughter’s career was last season’s game against Kansas State.

“You know, I coached her as a little girl too, and so I’ve got lots of memories from that, but probably the most recent from this past year is just whenever she made a steal at the end of the K-State game and tied it up for us,” Coach Gerlich said. “It was a really proud moment as a mom as well as a proud coach moment.”

During the Big 12 Tournament when the Lady Raiders faced the Wildcats, Bryn Gerlich recorded a career-high of 13 points, eight assists and six rebounds, according to Tech Athletics. 

Bryn Gerlich started in 11 games for the Lady Raiders and appeared in all 25 regular season games last season, according to Tech Athletics. 

Bryn Gerlich said she is excited to see what her team will do this season while playing for her mother.

“I am anticipating that we’re going to surprise a lot of people,’’ Bryn Gerlich said. “I think we’ve been very, almost forgotten about and underestimated and I think that’s put a chip on our shoulder.”

This season is Coach Gerlich’s second season coaching at Tech. She also played at Tech as a point guard during the 1993 national championship win and coached under Marsha Sharp for three years after graduating from Tech. 

“I never dreamt that my jersey would be retired and that’s crazy to me,” Coach Gerlich said. “You know, and I wouldn’t have been able to do that without my teammates and my coaches that pushed me there.”

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