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Editor's note: The link to the TikTok discussed in the article has been added at the end of the story. The story has been modified to correct the misspellings of the name Grace Capre. We apologize and regret the error. 

Tech freshman Alyssa Hollins created a TikTok sharing what she received in her initial COVID-19 meal package at her dorm. The TikTok went viral exceeding 600,000 views.

“I created the TikTok for fun,” Hollins, a human development and family studies major from San Antonio, said. “I did not expect it to blow up. I was shocked.”

Hollins saw other students from other schools, such as New York University, share what food they received when they were in isolation, she said so she thought it would be good to share what she had received. 

“I hadn’t seen a TikTok made by a Tech student,” Hollins said. “So, I thought it would be interesting.”

Some items in her package include a case of water bottles, orange juice, Powerade, Topo Chico, cups, utensils, soup, gram crackers, biscuits, yogurt, fruit and boiled eggs, Hollins said. 

Hollins was appreciative of what came in the package and is overall pleased with the items she received, she said.

“Most of the stuff was pretty cool,” Hollins said. “Some of it was a bit random, but it was good stuff.”

Alan Cushman, manager of hospitality, business development, said, he saw the TikTok Hollins made. 

The video was well made, Cushman said. It was a good video about what was in the box.

“The box that was featured in the TikTok is actually called a hydration pack,” Cushman said. “The hydration pack is the initial package students receive to kind of help them stay hydrated in isolation.”

From COVID-19 research, it is known that hydration is important for individuals with COVID-19, Cushman said. So, hospitality wanted to provide an initial package to help students stay hydrated during isolation. Good sources of protein have also been provided in the package. 

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, people with COVID-19 should stay hydrated and rest. 

 “In addition to the hydration pack, the students in isolation also receive a daily meal delivery,” Cushman said. 

The hydration pack is intended for three days, and the students receive additional drinks with the meals that are delivered daily.

“We are doing everything that we can to provide students with a proper meal and resources they need in isolation,” Cushman said. 

Hollins was moved to isolation housing after testing positive for COVID-19, she said.

Hollins received her daily meals from hospitality in isolation housing and requested for her hydration packs to be delivered, she said. 

“It was an entire process,” Hollins said. “I found out I was exposed, and then I did everything I was supposed to.”

When found out she was exposed, she said. She made an effort not to leave her dorm room and have minimal contact with others. 

Hollins went to get tested, and her results came back positive, she said. Her roommate, who was featured in the TikTok, had to get tested as well. 

“Alyssa tested positive, and I tested negative,” Grace Capre, Hollins roomate said.  

Capre, a freshman political science major from San Antonio, said Hollins and her were required to isolate, but she was not relocated to isolation housing. 

“I still received isolation meals,” Capre said. “I also received my own box like the one in the TikTok.” 

The meals were left at the door daily, Capre said. They were good and had the nutrients a student needed. 

“The TikTok we made was for fun,” Capre said. “It was really weird that it went viral because we weren’t expecting it to.”

Overall the experience of having a viral TikTok was exciting, Hollins said. There was mostly positive feedback, and it was fun making the video. 

“I think the food packaging was pretty good,” Hollins said, “and having a viral TikTok is really cool.”

Below is the link to Alyssa Hollins's TikTok: 


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