Ebichi Nduka

Ebichi “Prxnce” Nduka is a senior industrial engineering major at Tech who has designed his own clothing brand. The campaign for the brand, Polymer Studios, was debuted on April 15.

Combining his years of engineering studies with his passion for fashion, Ebichi “Prxnce” Nduka is creating unconventional apparel. 

On April 15, the campaign for Nduka’s brand, Polymer Studios, was released to the public. 

After two years of planning, the brand made its debut just in time for the senior industrial engineering major’s upcoming graduation, he said. 

“(The concept of Polymer Studios is a) multidisciplinary design that bridges the gap between fashion and engineering,” Nduka said. 

Although this is not Nduka’s first clothing line, it is the first that felt meant to be, he said. The idea struck him while trying to construct a model in his 3D printer class. A wide range of model materials were displayed on his computer screen: ceramics, plastics and polymers, he said. 

Once the polymers appeared on the screen, everything clicked for him, he said. Polymers are used in engineering to bond entities together. Naming the clothing line after this engineering material would be the link between the fashion industry and the engineering world that Nduka had been looking for. 

“The experience I want customers to have is to have a different outlook on aspects of design, engineering and fashion,” he said. 

Nduka has been in love with fashion since his childhood, he said. As a sophomore in high school, he began experimenting with his sewing kit and demonstrated his talent by helping his sister stitch various African cloths onto everyday crew neck T-shirts. 

He gained extensive industrial engineering experience by doing a six-month internship with Johnson & Johnson, he said. As he was being exposed to the real engineering world, he was simultaneously experiencing the fashion industry in a new light.  This new perspective aided him in creating an original brand built from the ground up.

“What sets Polymer Studios apart? It is made with creativity, originality, faith, persistence and an open mind,” he said.

Being a Tech student also helped elevate Polymer Studios to the next level, he said. The “family” dynamic of the university was and continues to be a major platform for networking. Lubbock is a small town that is willing to go an extra mile for Red Raiders. 

He received numerous promotions on social media and sponsorships from Tech alumni, he said. There has been an overflow of words of affirmation from faculty and friends about the success of the brand. Even the models who headlined Polymer Studios are part of the Red Raider family.

Zerubabel Abiy, a freshman information technology major, is the male headliner of the Polymer Studios Campaign. Abiy, resembling a young Nduka, made the perfect model to take part in this new vision of fashion.

“I wear the pieces quite often myself,” Abiy said. “I highly appreciate the meaning behind the brand.” 

Abiy is also a founder and creative director for his own personal band and platform, The Power Regime. His fashion and media experience made him an ideal candidate for modeling.

The female headliner of the Polymer Studios campaign is Tosin Tinubu. Tinubu is a freshman psychology major and YouTube personality from London, England. Nduka and Tinubu crossed paths on multiple occasions at pop up small vendor fashion events. 

Nduka did not want just anyone to wear his clothes, he said. Tinubu met and set the standards. 

“Ultimately create a brand that can’t be measured,” Tinubu said. “The brand is about multitasking your talents.” 


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