With Halloween coming up, many Texas Tech students are preparing to dress up. As the holiday approaches, however, costumes tend to get more expensive.

For students, it can be difficult to afford these costumes, especially considering the other bills and expenses students have to pay; however, there are still many ways Tech students can dress to impress on a budget.

“I would say going the DIY (Do it Yourself) route instead of buying a costume, because that would add up pretty fast,” Carlie Gothard, a fourth-year apparel design and manufacturing student from Spring Branch, said.

But for those who are not particularly skilled in fashion, this is easier said than done, Gothard said. The easiest way to do this is to find a character to base the costume on, then find articles of clothing or accessories that have a similar color, texture or design.

“The cheapest way would be to look up videos on YouTube, you see the materials they use, and find the clothes to make it. Find the clothes at a thrift store,” Dayanara Martinez, a first-year apparel design and manufacturing student from Mansfield, said.

Dillon Childers, manager of Party City and its Halloween pop-up, Halloween City, said the best way to make these homemade costumes look more elaborate or over-the-top is to accessorize the clothes one already owns. These accessories can be found at both Party City and Halloween City if students wish to buy pieces for their own costumes, Childers said.

One of the most popular costumes among students this year is the fairy, Gothard said.

“Fairy costumes are big this year, in the women’s area,” Gothard said. “Harley Quinn, or anything DC/Marvel are also big this year.”

In addition to accessorizing, it is important for students to add their own personal touch to their costumes in order to create something that expresses their creativity and hard work, Gothard said.

By using things like sparkles, glitter and gemstones, Martinez said students can add their own personal touches to their costumes while at the same time using these additions to cover up any patches or mistakes.

However, not everyone has the time or abilities to put together a detailed and elaborate costume. For times in which students may need a quick, easy, and simple Halloween costume, there are always some that can be put together in minutes.

“I think the easiest go-to’s for girls would be the angel, the devil, the cheerleader or the bunny,” Martinez said. “For guys I’d say the easiest is a cowboy, or a football player or any sort of sports athlete.”

These are just a few examples of some last-minute costume options for students on their way to a party or a fun night out for Halloween. Gothard said by just putting together a few clothing items like a pair of jeans, some cowboy boots, and a plaid shirt, for example, a student could go dressed as a scarecrow.

“There are a lot of easy costumes like Barbie, scarecrow, I know Grease is easy to do. Doing anything decade-wise is very quick and easy to do,” Gothard said.

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