Country artist returns home for concert

K Phillips, a country artist from West Texas, will play at 8 p.m. Saturday at The Blue Light Live. Phillips said he is impressed with the music scene in Lubbock and the surplus of quality songwriters who are coming from the area.

Returning to the place you started playing music is a special moment.

For country artist K Phillips, he will get the chance to come home to West Texas when he plays at 8 p.m. Saturday in The Blue Light Live.

Phillips, a West Texas native, said it is a special thing that is happening with the music scene in Lubbock. A surplus of quality songwriters are coming from Lubbock.

“There are a lot of great songwriters, and they keep writing, and younger ones are coming in, and the older ones are going away to Nashville,” Phillips said.

Phillips said growing up in West Texas helped develop his country sound. With life being somewhat slow in West Texas, Phillips’ imagination grew and he developed his musical skills.

There was not much to do in West Texas, Phillips said. Music was the best choice for him.

“You could either get into drugs or play football,” Phillips said. “It was too hot to play football, and I was too broke to do drugs. I loved (playing music). I felt like I found it, and it saved me.”

As a kid, Phillips said, he loved listening to punk rock music. But, as a piano and an organ player, he eventually got interested in soul music and the sounds of Solomon Burke and Al Green because it matched the instruments he could play.

Phillips said he did not pick how his music was going to sound. His experiences growing up in West Texas shaped the kind of music he performed.

“Everything that we have experienced in this life informs what comes out,” Phillips said. “I don’t get to pick that people think I make some sort of rural music. It’s the way it comes out.”

Having played in The Blue Light Live many times, Phillips said the shows there always have an interesting dynamic. A variety of people attend those shows.

“You have kids there to party and then you have songwriters that come and see you, and you have to bring your A-game,” Phillips said. “My performance will be a little bit of both (for each crowd).”

Phillips said he has one goal through his music: connecting with his audience. He hopes he will be able to continue playing music for the rest of his life.

“I want to keep playing music,” Phillips said. “I have already missed the chance to be the hip artist. I am too old to be the next pop sensation. I just want to spend the next 40 years making music.”

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