Cotton Court part of Lubbock's downtown revitalization plan

The Cotton Court is the first major step of Lubbock's Downtown Revitalization plan.

At a media event hosted at 1:30 p.m. on April 8, officials of the new Cotton Court Hotel, which opened in September 2020, provided insight as to what inspired the design of the hotel.

"We’re excited to introduce our wonderful property to you,” Marcus Lander, general manager with Valencia Hotel Group, said.

Jessica Hall, director of sales and marketing at the Cotton Court Hotel and a Lubbock native, led the media on a tour of the facility and said Valencia Hotel Group was honored to be a part of the downtown revitalization plan in Lubbock.

The space where the hotel sits used to be a parking lot, Hall said.

The hotel has 165 rooms, including one presidential suite and two junior suites, Hall said.

“Just seeing this here, it’s been so amazing to be a part of it,” Hall said. “We have something for everyone here.”

The inspiration for the hotel’s design was taken from Lubbock’s rich history in cotton, with one part of the building designed to look like a cotton warehouse and the other part designed to look like a cotton gin. The hotel’s restaurant, “The Midnight Shift,” was inspired by Buddy Holly. Additionally, Hall said the High Plains Ballroom was inspired by an old dance hall.

“It’s unique to Lubbock, nothing else really looks like this in town,” Hall said. “Again, the idea was that we converted a cotton gin into a hotel.”

Rooms in the hotel were designed to be an ode to the retro era, Hall said, from the refrigerators to the couches, blasts from the past are everywhere in the hotel.

“Everything is Lubbock-inspired, and we try to source locally, use local vendors,” Hall said.

Though the Cotton Court Hotel was not the first step taken in the city’s plan to revitalize Lubbock’s downtown, Hall said it was one of the largest steps they had taken and one of the best.

The Downtown Lubbock Project is a collaboration between the TIF Board, City of Lubbock and LEDA, focused on promoting the ongoing development and revitalization of Downtown Lubbock, according to the Downtown Lubbock website. For more information regarding the initiative visit Downtown Lubbock (

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