Free Steak Night

Baptist Student Ministries grilling the steaks. Due to having to reschedule 99 cent steak night during Raider Welcome week, Christians at Tech and Texas Tech Baptist Student Ministries hosted a free steak night from 5 to 7 p.m. on Monday, August 26, 2019, at Urbanovsky Park.

Christians at Tech and the Baptist Student Ministry hosted the annual 99 cent Steak Night event for Texas Tech students at 5 p.m. on Monday at Urbanovsky Park.

The president of the Broadview Baptist Church Brotherhood, John Walker, said members usually cook for a large turn out. However, because the event was rescheduled, the turn out for the second event proved to be less than expected, he said.

“We usually cook 1500 steaks,” he said. “The guys from Baptist Church cook for these students who come in. It should have been last week, not this week. We had trouble with our steaks.”

Due to the event being pushed back, the steak was no longer 99 cents, he said. It was completely free for students.

Walker said the event was led solely by volunteers and staff from the Christians at Tech and the Baptist Student Ministry. The churches enjoyed this time getting together in order to bring students to one place and create an area of fellowship and conversation, he said.  

Christian Valles, a public relations and advertising sophomore from San Antonio who attended the event, said he hadn’t planned on attending the event. However, he said seeing the steak and people on the way to his car caught his attention, so he joined the gathering to enjoy a free meal.

“The Texas community and the kind, friendly feel was nice,” he said. “The people are kind to put on this event.”

James Ferguson, an engineering freshman from Dallas, said he felt the heat of the afternoon sun. Despite the heat, many of the students stayed to talk to their peers and make new friends.

“It’s scorching hot,” Ferguson said. “But the steaks are better than expected.”

Justin Austin, a junior philosophy major from Arlington, volunteered at the 99 cent Steak Night and is also a member of the Baptist Student Ministry. His job was to pass out plates and greet people.

He said that picking up plates was a small gesture that was meaningful to the service activity of the church. He said he enjoyed helping with the event and made sure that everyone who passed by was aware of the opportunity for free food.

Hannah Van Wunnik, a pre-nursing freshman from Round Rock, said she found the event in the paper that was passed out to her when she moved into her dorm.

The paper helped inform her about the events that take place on campus, especially since she is new to the area, she said.

“The paper, I knew about this because I read the paper that was given to me when I moved in,” she said.

Jansen Russell, a senior management information systems major from Arlington, said he was interested in the Baptist Student Ministry, one of the churches hosting the event.

“I’d probably check out the church that hosted this,” he said. “Most definitely.” 

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