There’s a new run in town and it’s called the Rockin’ Raider Retro Run.

The Retro Run is not an average 5K. Lubbock has not seen a run as jam-packed with activities as the Retro Run, said Ainsley Nelson, from West Texas Endurance.

“There hasn’t been one like that here in town,” she said, “and we’re the ones to do it.”  

Retro Run runners will be taken through five different decades, Nelson said. Each decade will have a different decade-themed event, ranging from a 9-foot jukebox in the 50s section to a graffiti wall and dance team in the 90s section.

The Retro Run has something for every runner or walker, she said. Everyone is welcome to join the Retro Run.

“We’ve worked closely with the RHA to make sure the look and feel of the event is fun, will be attractive to the students, and they’ll have a good time running through the zones,” Nelson said.

Residence Halls Association and West Texas Endurance have joined together to make this race possible, she said.

“Your residence hall has worked really hard to promote the race and get the word out to all the residence halls,” Nelson said.

RHA also has provided an access code for students who live on campus that gives them a discount on the race, she said. The access code is located on a poster in each residence hall.

The different decade zones are not the only thing different about the Retro Run, Nelson said. The Retro Run is taking a 5K course through Lubbock no run has taken before.  The course starts at United Spirit Arena, goes down Texas Tech Parkway and circles around Greek Circle, she said.

Each half mile finds a new decade to run through, Nelson said. Runners are encouraged to stop at these events and take pictures or join in with the fun of the decade.

“We wanted to create fun areas that represent each decade,” she said.

 Besides the jukebox and graffiti wall there will be an Elvis impersonator, disco balls, a band rocking out to 70s music and a giant Rubik’s Cube, Nelson said. There are many activities for runners and walkers to participate in.

Courtney Pham, the vice president of campus traditions and leadership development, said they could not pick one decade for the run.

“We couldn’t decide on what one decade would be retro, since retro is kind of different for everyone, depending on how old they are,” she said. “We decided going through the years would a little fun, cool thing, kind of like a blast from the past.”

Participants will be running from the 50s through the 90s, Nelson said.

Running or walking through the course will not be the only thing happening during the Retro Run, she said. Before the race, runners can participate in the costume contest. Everyone is encouraged to dress in their best retro attire to impress the judges.

The Retro Run will be hostedat 7 p.m. Sunday and will begin at the United Spirit Arena parking lot.

Nelson said she believes students will have a great time at the event.

 “Come out have a good time,” she said, “get to know your fellow students and the community and have fun on a Sunday night on campus.”

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