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Magician performs live for students

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Posted: Wednesday, February 6, 2013 10:50 pm

One student appeared angry as she watched what she thought was her phone being shattered to pieces, only to have it appear minutes later in full form in a Pringles can.

This was all a part of Norman Ng’s magic show Wednesday night.

Ng performed his magic show at an event hosted by Tech Activities Board in the Student Union Building’s Allen Theatre.

“Last fall, I talked to my committee of eight people, and we threw around ideas of who we’d like to bring and the idea of a magician came up,” TAB nightlife coordinator Austin Reiter said. “We found Norman Ng, and he was actually in Texas this week, so we got a better deal. I guess we block booked him with other schools, and it just worked out great.”

Before the show started, Ng introduced students to his magic skills.

“There’s been a little buzz on campus,” Reiter said. “He did a little teaser show during lunch in the Student Union where he did magic tricks while people were eating lunch, and everyone just went crazy for it.”

Magic and performing is nothing new to Ng, who said he started doing magic at the age of 8.

“I’ve been doing magic for about 21 years,” Ng said. “I started by going to a magic store when I was 8 years old. The guy made something appear in my hand, totally blew me away, and that’s what started this obsession of mine.”

According to his website, Ng’s show has been featured in 48 states for more than half a million people.

“I’m on tour right now,” Ng said. “I primarily tour around the country performing on college campuses. I visit about 80 colleges a year, and Texas Tech contacted me while I was performing in Texas already, so we formed a little leg of my tour. This is my fourth show in Texas this week.”

Famous magicians from all around the world influenced Ng to become one himself, he said.

“One of the magicians I looked up to growing up was a guy named Jeff McBride,” Ng said. “Of course David Copperfield was a big influence. There was one magician out of Holland named Tommy Wonder. They’re incredible. They’re the three that really kept me going.”

The show featured tricks such as making a bowling ball appear out of a pad of paper, altering drawings, mind reading and smashing the phone of an audience member with a baseball bat, only to have it appear in a sealed can of potato chips.

“We’re very clever,” Ng said. “A lot of people assume that magic is done with like mirrors and smoke and holograms, but it’s all very clever. I don’t need to rely on any of those to make something amazing.”

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