The room was filled with tables decorated with German themes and filled with authentic German foods.

The Texas Tech German Club hosted its first German Top Chef on Friday in the Foreign Languages building.

Anita McChesney, the German Club adviser, said the idea was created to give German language students something fun to participate in.

“We wanted to do something that would get the students excited about the culture they’re learning about,” she said.

The competition was open to all 10 of the German classes ranging from first-year students to graduate students, McChesney said.

“Anyone from any of the classes was allowed to participate and make one or more dishes,” she said. “Each class that participated got their own table to set up and decorate with their dishes.”

The contest was judged mainly by Tech students who paid 50 cents per dish to try the food and vote on which food they liked best, McChesney said.

Allison Burrell, a senior psychology and German major from Houston, is the president of the German club this year and came up with the idea of the contest.

“A lot of people aren’t really familiar with German food or culture,” she said. “I had done contests like this before, so I thought it would be something fun to try here at Tech.”

Each dish had the opportunity to be judged by the students with awards for the best sweet dish, best savory dish, best table design and a best overall prize, McChesney said.

“The officers of the German Club tried all the dishes to judge the overall best prize,” Burrell said. “The grand prize winner won a German spaetzle-maker.”

There was a wide range of dishes ranging from authentic German bratwurst to traditional German desserts such as kaiserchemarrn.

Nathanial Parker, a sophomore business major from Brian, said he attended the event to get good German food for a cheap price.

“I saw the posters they put up and just thought it would be something worth trying,” Parker said. “Even though I really couldn’t pronounce any of the names, they were all really good and different than what I am used to.”

The German Club plans to use all the money made from the event to cover the costs of the prizes and other materials bought for the event, McChesney said.

“The German Club doesn’t really get a lot of publicity around campus,” Burrell said. “That’s another reason we decided to put on this event — so that we could get more people aware of the club.”

McChesney said the German Club would like to make the competition an annual event for the club to host.

“I would definitely come again if they did it next year,” Parker said. “I had a good time this year and I bet more people will come if they do it again.”

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