Drag queens in their finest gowns and jewelry with a mix of country music in the background was sight to be seen as a new queen was crowned Miss Glamour and Fame on Friday. Oct. 9 at Club Luxor. The Office of LGBTQIA Education and Engagement hosted their annual drag pageant virtually to wrap of Texas Tech’s Pride Week.

While the event was hosted virtually, the four queens competing for the crown: Capricia Calvina, Chaise Lounge, Kim Carter, and Winona Wynter spoke on their different backgrounds and icons but had the same reason for winning, representing the LGTBQIA+ community to West Texas in the best way they can through drag.

“Hello and welcome to Club Luxor, we are back here with Texas Tech University Miss Glamour and Fame 2020 Pageant,” Miss Kerli Cur, master of ceremonies,  said to the virtual audience. “I am here to be with you for the next hour and a half to see these lovely ladies come out on the stage and destroy it.”

Vancie Vega took the stage virtually performing “A Lil’ Ole Bitty Pissant Country Place” followed by ex-reigning Ms. Glamour and Fame, Lady Liliana who performed to “Ashes”.

“Buckle up b*tches because this competition is about to get underway," Miss Cru said as she introduced the performance portion of the pageant.

The performance portion of the pageant is where contestants showed the judges what this year theme, “Piddly Squattin’ Old Time Country Place”, means to them. Dressed in a variety of country wear and ball gowns, the contestants took the stage parading their finest to the virtual audience.

While the judges calculated the scores, Redd Roulette took the stage performing to “Comme Des Garcons”. Right after her, Parris London ushered in the talent portion of the competition by performing to “Loving is Really My Game”.

“We all have shields, and we are making sure we are following all precautions. Making sure not any of these contestants or any of the amazing people behind the scenes get sick," Miss Cru said when talking about the safety precautions before string the talent portion.

Wynter did a burlesque style routing while lip syncing to “Black Velvet” followed by Lounge performing a routine to a mashup of “Sunny/Funny Girl” with a gown and wig reveal. Kalvina performed to a French song entitled “La Vie En Rose” while playing the accordion. Carter closed out the talent portion by performing to Beyoncé’s “Partition”.

Redd Roulette took the stage to intro the MC Kerli who performed to “365”. Vega ushered in the final performance acted before the gown portion of the competition performing to “9 to 5”.

“Oh my gosh guys, we are here. We are at that moment where our girls are about to come out on stage and strut their formal wear,” Miss Cru said. “What that means is that your about to have your jaw hit the floor and chip some teeth.”

Cru did not lie; the evening gown wear was not a disappointment as the queens “worked” the stage in gowns fit for a queen and jewels. Cru also mentioned the many facets of the drag culture that was represented at the pageant.

Before crowing the new 2020 Miss Glamour and Fame, Lady Lilliana took the stage for one final awe-inspiring performance to “Alegria”. Then it was timed to crown the new queen and the presentation of the awards

Miss Chair Lounge was crowned Miss 2020 Glamour and Fame while also receive an award for Best in Presentation. Miss Capricia Calviana was named first alternate and also took home Best in Interview

Interview and Talent. Miss Winona Wynter took home best in Formal Evening Ware.

Miss Kru closed the night saying thank you to Tech and Club Luxor for hosting the pageant. Miss Lounge gave some final advice to those who are thinking about doing drag.

“Go out there and have fun, feel pretty. It’s all about how you feel like,” Miss Lounge said. “So as long as you feel beautiful it doesn’t matter what anyone else thinks, and what other people think of you is none of your business.”

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