Texas Tech Alumni Associatin President Curt Langford

Texas Tech Alumni Association President Curt Langford is coming up on his one year anniversary as president.

Curt Langford is the new face of the Texas Tech Alumni Association (TTAA), as he was named President and CEO of the association a year and a half ago. According to his colleagues, Langford’s passion and energy are the qualities that are most admirable about him. 

Being a Red Raider himself, his mission for the association is one word: belonging. 

Langford attended Tech and earned two degrees from the university. 

“This position means homecoming to me,” he said. “I was born and raised in Lubbock, son of a faculty member. Grew up around this campus so I have childhood memories here.” 

 Langford’s start in the alumni business is not recent, he said. He got his start when he was a student at Tech where he worked at the association when it was previously known as the Ex-Student Association. 

Closer to his graduation, with plans to move to Dallas for a job, he received a call from previous TTAA director, Bill Dean, offering him a full-time spot at the Alumni Association. 

“I was just here working as a student trying to help pay my way through college and was planning on moving to Dallas, had a job waiting for me in Dallas,” he said. “Then I got called in. Bill Dean, who was the prior director here, called me in asking if I’d be interested in coming on full-time, and that was great, I wasn’t expecting to do that”. 

When Dean had decided to retire, the national search for a new candidate started, and Langford applied for the position, he said. 

Working all over the country and at several different universities, he was pleased to get the call back and experience what he explained as homecoming. 

Dawn Moreno, executive associate to the president and CEO and scholarship coordinator, said Langford made everyone’s opinion matter. 

“He’s wonderful,” she said. “I think one of the things about Curt is he’ll sit down and listen to you ,and if you have an idea, he’ll visit with you about it. (He) really supports everybody, every team member in this building.” 

Jim Douglass, vice president for development, said it was hard to pinpoint Langford’s bes quality. He found Langford’s best quality to be his collaboration skills, the ability to bring several aspects together. 

“What Curt has, I think ,that not everybody has is the ability to kind of see how all the parts scattered can fit, (and) how they all fit together for the good for everybody,” he said. “I think that is one of the main things he brings to the table to this association.”

Langford takes pride in the stories of his Red Raiders, he said. He stated every Red Raider has a story and even has the quote stenciled on the wall of his office. 

His favorite part of the job was the opportunity to meet new people and collect their stories along his journey as president, he said.

“There’s been a lot of people, old friends who’ve come in to say hello or to congratulate me or others that just wanted to meet me,” Langford said. “I’ve got that (office door) open usually all the time. You know, the opportunity to meet you all, knowing where you’re from, what brought you here, hearing those stories I think is what I enjoy the most.” 

Not only does every Red Raider have a story, but Langford said in terms of the association, join is only a four-letter word to him. He wants people to belong to the association. 

Moreno said Langford’s mission has worked and gave the example of how personable he is. 

“When we have people come in and visit, he’ll give a tour of the building himself or he’ll sit down and ask their story,” she said. “You can just tell it makes such a big difference to people because they are like, ‘Wow, someone here really cares and is happy that I’m a Red Raider.’”

Langford’s love for the Alumni Association is unique in the eyes of his colleagues, Douglass said. He described Langford as someone who has the want to do it all and how that alone is an inspiring trait. 

“He wants to do everything he can,” he said. “He gets frustrated when he’s got conflicts and he’s got two to three things on the same day, same time and he can’t do them all. If could find a way, he would. That’s admirable.” 

Langford has been a representation of continual growth, Moreno said. A man of passion, energy and work ethic had stood out to his colleagues. 

Langford is proud to come back and help the institution he loves as the Alumni Association president and CEO, he said. 

“I never left Lubbock, but I traveled a lot,” he said. “To be able to come back home and work for my alma mater day by day and whatever travel I do is on behalf of Texas Tech allows me to really focus in on my first love which is this institution.”

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