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For the past few days my excitement level has slowly started to rise as I walk across the bridge into downtown Austin.

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My second day at SXSW came with a lot of walking around downtown Austin and many encounters with street performers.

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Large crowds of music lovers from across the nation flocked to Austin today to attend the annual South By Southwest music showcase.

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The Academy Awards is one of the biggest nights in Hollywood, and the 87th ceremony was certainly no different. Starting with our lovely host: my love for Neil Patrick Harris runs deep and will probably never die, so just about every time he spoke I was thoroughly pleased. His opening perfor…

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A loud ringing woke me up at 4:45 a.m. I slowly turned my head to the alarm. It was too early. I had slept on my living room couch that night because I knew if I slept in my bed I would bury myself in my pillows to ignore the alarm. So I sacrificed my pillows for stiff cushions because I had…

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Today was the first of four days that myself, news editor, Amy May-Claire Cunningham, features editor, and Carson Wilson, EIC, will be spending in Philadelphia to become better journalists.

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I am a massive fan of award shows, especially awards that are not chosen by viewer votes. People usually vote on looks and popularity, not talent — well the same could be said about some awards but whatever.

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Although quite boring (there was no *NSYNC reunion or Miley Cyrus fiasco, afterall), there was still plenty to talk about after this year’s Video Music Awards on MTV.

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The final day of this ended pretty well.

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Despite the school stress, day four was better – much better.

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“Tofu is mofu,” said Kymbre Kupatt, La Ventana editor-in-chief.

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Being a vegetarian nowadays is fairly common. People do it for various reasons; for the animals, because they don’t consume meat anyway, or because of allergies.

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The Country Music Association Awards began and immediately America was greeted with my friend Brad Paisley — he follows me on Twitter — and Carrie Underwood’s legs.

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After we finished the newspaper, EIC Kassidy Ketron, page designer Katie Johnson, multimedia editor Ben Fox and I made our way to our temporary home for the third night in a row.

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I’ve been watching Glee since the first cover of “Don’t Stop Believing.” So tonight’s episode, “The Quarterback,” was extremely rough to get through.

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Daily Toreador staffers and editors had the opportunity today to sit down and listen to Dallas Morning News columnist and 2010 Pulitzer Prize winner Tod Robberson.

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Friday morning I packed up my tent and said a temporary goodbye to everyone at Tent City. I would have written about it before the weekend but I went out of town - my apologies.

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Today has been a busy day and my only minutes at Tent City today was around 8 a.m. when I woke up, before anyone else stirred and when the moist morning mist still clung to the grass and my tent sleeve.

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It’s about time for me to snuggle inside my Arctic Mummy Bag, but I had to post more of today’s happenings first.

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There are now 26 tents at the oddball shaped park situated at Broadway and Avenue Q, including myself and my friend Cody Kastler. When I pointed this out to Richard who told me the total, he told me for the time being we’re one of them.

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Every time I drive to Walmart I take Avenue Q past Broadway, and not once did I notice the collection of tents huddled together at the intersection. More recently I would catch myself driving slower as I approached the makeshift village just to get a glimpse of Tent City’s happenings.

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This was the season Texas Tech basketball was supposed to make it back to the NCAA tournament. Short of one of the better finishes in the country, it appears as if Tech fans will have to wait another year (or more) to get back to one of the holy grails of sports. Even the Lady Raiders, after…

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University officials seem a bit ambiguous in their response to students' questions about their decision to delay rather than cancel classes.

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