Fashion show rocks club with revolution
Fashion show :Models at the 2009 Threads Locks & Rock gather for a final pose at the Klusoz Lounge on Buddy Holly Avenue.:Jeff Day

Models were on the prowl Saturday night; dancing, posing and strutting their way around the Depot District.

The fourth annual Threads, Locks &' Rock fashion-entertainment show was held at Klusoz Nightclub Saturday night. The fashion-entertainment show featured a combination of music, fashion and choreography. Toshia Humphries, conceptual artist and choreographer for Threads, Locks &' Rock, said she was inspired to create the fashion-entertainment show in 2007.

"Actually my inspiration came from pain," Humphries said. "I have a colorful background. This is my creative outlet."

The theme for the show was revolution. Humphries, a Texas Tech alumna from Littlefield, said she chose to use revolution as the theme because she went through a lot of changes and there have been numerous revolutionary world events, such as the new president, the economy and the environmental crisis.

"The world is changing around us," Humphries said. "When you suffer loss and grief, you have the chance to decide if it will inspire you or not, and I decided this will inspire me."

The fashion-entertainment show featured fashion from several Lubbock boutiques, such as Bloom, Intimate Expressions, Jolie and 40 Below, and, for the first time, Tech fashion department designers. The show also included live music from two Austin-based bands as well as recorded tracks from contemporary artists like Korn, Deftones and Marylin Manson.

Models in the fashion-entertainment show walked runway, posed on furniture, danced and incorporated unique motions at times to accentuate the music. The models were not only displaying the fashion of the designers but also Humphries' unique choreography.

Humphries said her start in choreography was with color guard but she has been dancing since she was young. She said she loves music, art and dance and the fashion-entertainment show is a melting pot for her interests. She said she would like to emphasize Threads, Locks &' Rock is more than a fashion show; it's a performance.

A model who performed in the fashion-entertainment show, Loki, said she was approached by Humphries to be a model because she saw her and liked her style. Loki, a junior in international business and marketing from North Hollywood, Calif., said she has been doing runway modeling for a long time. She said she was attracted to do model in Threads, Locks &' Rock because it reminded her of home.

"It's more my style," Loki, sporting a full-fledged Mohawk, said. "It's not Lubbock at all."Loki said she feels Threads, Locks &' Rock is not just a runway show. She said the show is visual and audio and the modeling aspect is much more interactive with the crowd.

According to another model, Carlos Gutierrez, Threads, Locks &' Rock is much more than a fashion show. Gutierrez, a senior business major from El Paso, said originally it was simply supposed to be about Humphries expressing her emotions.

"Honestly, if you go back in the history to Threads, Locks &' Rock, the reason we brought in fashion was because it was a cheap way for costumes," he said.

This is the third time Gutierrez has participated in Threads, Locks &' Rock. This year he performed as a model as well as danced in the fashion-entertainment show. He said the theme of the dance is a love battle between a couple who just broke up. He said Humphries gave them the theme for the dance and allowed them to choreograph on their own.

"Just to be able to have that freedom is just so awesome," he said.

Audrey DeLeon, a senior public relations major from Lubbock who attended the fashion-entertainment show, said she enjoyed the atmosphere and vibe of the event. She decided to attend for a second year because of the show's changing theme and she is intrigued by the different atmospheres of each show.

She said she wishes more events like Threads, Locks &' Rock would happen in Lubbock more often. By attending the event and showing her support she hopes it will help it to continue.

"Supporting local artists is very important because if they don't have the support, they won't do things like this anymore," DeLeon said. "Then we wouldn't have anything to go to. Then we would just come to Klusoz and drink like any other night. It wouldn't be any different."

Parts of the profits from the fashion-entertainment show were donated to the Global Fund charity. According to the conceptual artist of the fashion-entertainment show, Threads, Locks &' Rock will continue on to Austin later this year and feature fashion from local-Austin boutiques and support another charity.

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